He Passed On

When i was 7 years old my grandpa always made me laugh. But soon the chuckles turned into tears when he passed away. It made me sad and the day after he was was lyed to rest i woke up because someone was over me it was my papa i then followed him to the door and he passed thru the door and i seen my dear papa pass on. My mom and brother was mad because they didn't see him and i did but they should understand i don't just see good things but bad things too. Now i see more ghosts good and bad and i see into the future and past but i have grown to exept it.
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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

I had a similar experience when my grandpa died.In the nursing home he used to always love butterfinger candy bars..my father always used to bring them..My parents left with my aunts to the hospital one day when he was very ill..I started smelling these candy bars..a pretty blonde lady came into my room shortly after I started smelling it.She told me my father will be sad for a while and I should not worry but try to make him smile.I have never met this lady before and wondered who she was and what she was doing there.I guess it was a friend of the family looking after us while my parents were gone.About 5 years later I was helping my mother get together an album of my fathers family and I found a picture of this beautiful blond lady sitting next to a much younger picture of my grandpa.Turns out it was a picture of my fathers mother.i guess she was there to comfort us and help us cope.I was 6 at the time.I have seen things ever since.