Not Sure

When i was 4 years old i saw a man walk past the bedroom and there was nobody that fit him living there.i had a dream with a woman who look like a large corn husk doll with sewen black eyes,nose,and mouth and she had a dog like toto and it jump on me and laid there and she kept asking for somebody and i kept saying there not here and jody came into the dream and said the same thing and she pick up the dog and left.the dream felt real and my room and everything was in the dream.that was adotive parents house i heard a man and woman talking in the backyard near the pool around 3 in the moring,i heard someone playing with my toys in the middle of the night but i was the only one in my room,upstairs felt uneasy especilly in the attic,the basement felt almost evil,and i saw this shodowy figure in the door way leading to the stairs to the 2 floor.i feel like sometings follow me its usally evil feeling.i feel like someone theres and nobodys there,i feel like someones watching me but theres nobody there,i've heard my name but nobody called it.i see things in my head one time i saw a ally with a pregnant lady in labor with this man in a hat who was too dark to make out and it was raining and when she gave birth he took the baby and she was reaching and crying.i saw people in hooded robes around a cricle in a stone or brick type underground feels like good and evil are following me and fighting over me.any one have any ideals?


mama87 mama87
22-25, F
Mar 15, 2010