Since Birth!

I have had a very long term experience with the "weirdness" (I called before). All my life since birth, even as a baby i've had so many experiences of these things...and trust me it was never too easy to believe until u find urself doing it again and again until u get used to it and find it normal. As i grew up my abilities seemed to develope stronger by itself idk why though but when i read people's minds (telepathy) i can do it without putting much effort and be able to do it with ease, like "piece of cake, no prob" like tht. Of course unless they block me out from their minds or something. Then i have this one ability idk if its precognition or future visions but whenever i sleep i always have this dream which now i call "visions" of either the past or the future and if the future i see the event and know when and what time it will this one vision that i predicted happened two weeks before it actually does and this one time i told a friend: "you will fail a subject this semester within 6 weeks, 2 days and at the time of exactly 9:05 am." and when the day came i was surprised how clear my dream or "vision" has been, so yea it scares me sometimes and my friend got a little disappointed. Then my next but not last ability is mind-control, i've always been able to control my parents when i was around 4-5 years old, like whatever i ask for or say they do it without regret or hesitation, like its automatic and planted in their brains, it was weird though and i didnt realize it until my parents took me to pharmacies and check-ups, and this one lady who was a psychicist told my parents about my "gifts". And so thts when i realized it. Like every command i told them they can't resist it because its like i've hypnotized them but i didnt, i just used commands and words to make them do it without force. Now tht i'm older i learned how to control my mind control abilities and its scary to use it cuz who knows how destructive it could be if i misuse it or overpower? so i dont really often use it much but i do practice it on animals and other people sometimes but not as much when i was still a kid. Because it dangerous and not cool :P only if necessary i would. This last ability, is when i find something tht doesn't belong to me or any of my friends or people i'm close to or if i even touch it. Its like once i hold it i immediately start to have images popping into my brain and descriptions and these images automatically give me info of who it belong/s/ed to. Right away i will already find out just by one touch i receive alot of info about the owner or person, meaning i will know what they look like, their personality, where they live, their names, etc..almost every bit of detail about the owner or person. And even see how the person lost it if he/she did it on purpose or by accident or coincidence. All these abilities are hard for me to ignore cuz every minute i would be reading people's minds, like open books, dream weird visions, control the people who will hurt me physically, and figure out in seconds who owns the object they've lost whether on purpose or not. A life like mine is difficult because of these gifts and abilities, i am gifted by god in many ways, its even hard enough for me to focus on reality and my own life and tasks, even at school its hard for me to concentrate. But i cant argue with it, i'll just have to live with it to the fullest :) thts all want to know more? add me, ask me anything at all :) no personals pls :)
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That is interesting. Do you have any premonitions of the future and what is ahead for the U.S. ? A lot of psychics have had some gloomy predictions and visions for the U.S. in the next few years.

idk my visions only come to me when i sleep but this morning my vision was somehow blurred so i couldnt see the details clearly and it was much different from my past visions but what i saw was the year 2012 on a calendar and thts it the rest was blurred tho it showed some storms and weather problems too -_- not sure if its true or not as i said it was blurred...

but lately most of my visions were blurred ever since year 2012 came and has been giving me nightmares and bad images...-_- but idk if they are true or not cuz it didnt make it clear for me to understand whats going to happen very soon...