Finally Found What I Was Born To Do...

I'm not officially a psych major yet, I'm still at my local community college. But one day I will get my masters in psychology, and then continue my schooling to become a psychiatrist. I was confused for SO long about what I wanted to do with my life. I never found any subject in school interesting, until I took a psychology class. However, at the time, I didn't think I wanted to be a therapist.. But I have recently realized, that it is basically my calling.

It's the one thing I KNOW i'd be good at. I've always been really good at reading people- which is a blessing and a curse. It was hard growing up because I could always tell what someone meant, despite what they said. I always kind of knew how people felt about me, whether they liked me or not, if they felt awkward, whatever. I'm really good at reading body language and facial expressions... Hasn't always been easy, but I know I can turn that around and use it to my advantage.

Another thing is, I've had a lot of people who I was close with say that I am really comforting. I am really good at saying the right thing to calm someone down. And I don't really get it, but a few have said that just being in my presence is comforting. I think it's just because I'm a really empathetic person... I hate when I feel weird/awkward/sad/whatever so I always try to make sure those around me don't feel that way.

I talked a very good friend out of attempting suicide, and the final straw for me was this year on christmas eve. My family was going through some issues with my extremely intelligent, but also extremely troubled, brother. He spent most of his life on the internet, and has made more money than my parents from it. But he was going off, blaming us for his unhappiness, talking about how this country is going to ****, and his money won't be worth anything. My parents were at a loss of words... but I went on for at least half an hour spilling all the advice I could give. The next morning my parents, knowing that I have been undecided for a year and a half, both told me I should really consider psychology as a major.. and I realized that is the only thing I'm really meant to do.

I constantly question the world around me, and I had even come up with some of my own psychological theories before this.. But after this night, it just kind of clicked. Psychology is where I belong. It is going to be a lot of schooling, and a lot of work. But I think it is worth it to do something I am actually passionate about.

I have never known what I wanted to do, but I think this is kinda it for me. I always knew that I was smart enough to have a high paying job, but there was never one I wanted enough. This one is different... I've gone through a lot.. Anxiety, horrible low self esteem, depression, etc.. I just want to help others to make sure they don't have to feel that way.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us here. I myself have been questioning what to major in, and have seriously considered a degree in psychology. Your story has inspired me, and I see a little bit of myself in you, and the way you described what kind of a person you are. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! :) I am really excited. My parents have been trying to force me just to "CHOOSE SOMETHING!!" for the past few years, but I always knew that wasn't going to work for me. <br />
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I always had a feeling that when I knew what I wanted to do, I'd KNOW. Before, I just could never picture myself doing anything, or committing to any major. I didn't want to be rushed into anything until I was absolutely sure.. and I finally am! It feels great :D

They say that many therapists are/were themselves "emotionally fragile" and have suffered through a host of personal demons, problems, insecurities, etc. I suppose that is why thy choose to go into the field, to try to help others with the same kind of things they themselves went through. I suppose that harboring years of low self esteem, low self image and doubting your self worth makes you either a broken, mean spirited and generally unpleasant person angry at the world and themselves, OR it creates someone with heightened empathetic "abilities" who wants to just help others. I'm glad to see that you seem to have been fortunate and fallen into the latter category. It's also a great thing that you've found your calling, as many people go their entire lives not knowing what they should do or who they want to be. I fear I'm continuing down that path myself at the moment, so I'm glad that you've had an epiphany and decided on something to focus your time energy and good nature on. It WILL be hard work, but at the end it will be worth it. Good luck on your new career choice. :)