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And I Really Like It

I've been really interested in psychology since I was about 16 or 17, abnormal psychology especially. I wanted to become a psychologist but, honestly, I really don't want to be in school forever (I would want to get a Ph.D, not just a Master's degree). Plus, I'm not sure if being a psychologist is my passion. Before I started college and after I had a few psych courses under my belt, I thought it would've been cool to specialize in treating people with personality disorders, anxiety disorders, etc. or being a sex therapist. But I think It's more of an interest, I suppose. Still, you never know! I haven't regretted my major as I think having an idea of how the mind works and how/why people behave the way they do is priceless. This will benefit you no matter what you do in life as you can apply it to all aspects of your life.  
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You're smart to want to get a PhD....Would it be in Clinical Psychology?<br />
If so, you'd be in good could "hang out a shingle" and see patients as a Psychologist like Bob Newhart did on the Bob Newhart show.<br />
Or, you could get a PhD in one of several other sub-groups of Psychology, such as,<br />
Experimental Psychology (research), Developmental Psychology, School Psychology, <br />
Behavioral Psychology, Forensic Psychology,...and the list goes on and on.

I really like Forensic Psychology. Maybe I will pursue a Ph.D at some point, but I just don't want to right now.