Uncertain Psych Major

 I love being a pysch major but I am so scared of not being able to get a job after I graduate. I tell people that I have a plan but the truth is that I'm scared shitless as to what's going to happen after graduation. I do plan on going to grad school but It is so expensive and I don't want to have to make my dad pay for that as well (I don't get any financial aid). I love technology as well and I was thinking of going to a technical school and getting a career in tech so that I can pay for grad school and eventually get my phD in psychology. 

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I am a Psychology Major too. I will have my BA in 1 year or less. Dude I am 50 yrs old and I am often unsure. However, You, I and others all have those same emotions. We made this decision for a reason. Most of us made it because we have overcome issues of our own and want to help others. <br />
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Here's an idea that I am passing out to anyone to consider. I have begun to seek out a volunteer position, (AKA) Internship in businesses where I want to be future employed. These hours can be used as credits sometimes and applied toward our degree. Also apply to volunteer getting involved with a hospital presentation. Gather all the information you can.We do that in our writing assignments for example: diabetes, ADHD or Drug abuse etc. Ask if you can be active in a group presenting this to a school or Parent's group etc. These are excellent ideas that can be utilized to our benefit. We can do this now, before completion of our degree. Peace and Never Quit! Quitting will be your biggest regret.

Every single person in college is in the same boat. Cheer up! You are not alone.

Isn't there a demand for this field? It is so wide open you should be able to find something while your going to grad school.