This Is a Goal For Me

I have to declare a major in a month or two.  I was thinking of majoring in computer science or web application development at the beginning of the semester, but I've become so intrigued by my personality theories class that I think I want to major in psychology now.

I've always made A's in my psychology classes, so I'm obviously good at it.  Also, I've always been fascinated by the human mind.  If you know me well, you probably know that I am a very internally focused person.  In other words, I would definitely not be a behaviorist psychologist.  I care much more about what is going on in my (and others') brain(s) than what I (or others) are doing and appear to be.  Also, all my EP friends know that I love counseling people.  I love getting inside their minds and figuring out which gears are turning that makes them think a certain way.  I can even be pushy about it sometimes.  That can be a good or bad thing.  It's bad because nobody likes a pushy person, but it's good because once I finally dig it out of them, they almost always say that they feel much better.

There are only a few things that hold me back from wanting to be a psychologist.  One is that I'm an introvert.  I require lots of alone time.  A friend of mine said that it may be hard for me because people would constantly be demanding my attention.  This is one reason I would want to work for a company instead of doing a private practice.  I would have a schedule, and I wouldn't have to deal with people after hours.  Also, I would probably make a lot more money working for a company because I wouldn't have to advertise.  I'm a horrible salesperson, so I'd much rather have a poster outside the office door in the psychology ward with a bunch of other psychologists' names along with Dr. ******** *******, Ph.D. (my name) so that they'll immediately know about me.

Another thing that holds me back from the desire to be a psychologist is the fact that I care about people perhaps too much.  I can see myself getting wrapped up in the lives of my patients too easily and getting my heart broken simply because a patient didn't follow my counsel and ruined his or her life.

The third and final reason I may not want to be a psychologist is because it could possibly go against my career dream.  I've always wanted to do something where I can change the world—or at least a large population—in a positive way.  If I were a psychologist, I could change lives of individuals, but not a large population of people.  It would be awesome to make a huge discovery or something.

I've also thought about being an experimental psychologist.  I wanted this before I wanted to be a clinical psychologist actually.  That wouldn't require me to be around people all the time, and it would give me the ability to make a big discovery.  However, I'm really good at helping and counseling people, and I would really hate for that talent to go to waste.  I wonder if there's any way to do both research and counseling.  I think Sigmund Freud did both, didn't he?  Would I have to do a double major?

I've been looking at grad schools with psychology programs.  So far, I've found North Texas and Texas Tech (I want to live in Texas of course).

Does anyone have any advice for me?

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1 Response Sep 12, 2009

Ohhh how exciting!! You know, I used to think that it would be interesting to be a psychologist too. Then I realized that a huge part of the job is prescribing medicine/offering advice that will not solve problems. But, there are probably ways around that too. <br />
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Lotsa decisions...I guess you could become a psychologist, and still have time to do other things to help save the world. I know that feeling of wanting to make a big impact!! But, well...when you think about it, if you save say ten people (through purposeful psychology) and they in turn go out and have a positive or even major, impact on the world, then that in and of itself has made a BIG difference! Also, you could maybe even have enough adventures in psychology to say...write a book someday. A book like that could make a big influence too. Or like you said, limit your hours to have time off so you can focus on your other ideas and goals.<br />
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Good luck!! Don't forget to pray about it!