I Am Proud To Be What You Call A Psychopath

It is comforting to know you are not alone.......nothing more.
Since we do not unveil ourselves to the majority of society. It is saver for us and way more beneficial. The majority does not understand the true nature of Psychopaths, they are deceived by the media and believe that we are all serial killers....
It is true we do not shed a tear over another life, but most of us won't kill someone since it has no benefits.
I have joined the army and I did nothing I regret, which I couldn't anyway since I lack that weakness.
In my opinion we, the Psychopaths, stand above all other Humans. Are they afraid of us, because we are free from emotional conflicts?
Do they fear us, because they know If we would kill somebody we would not feel a trace of guilt?
Just because we are not like anybody else does not mean we are sick. What is your definition of normal? The status quo is that you can only be normal if you are like anybody else. If you are something special or just different they call you sick, a mutand or mentaly disabeld.
Is a super high inteligent Misanthrop for example really disabeld, just because he hates humans? I think he is rather envovled.

You have to types of Psychopaths: some are born, others slowly envoled.
As long as I can remember I was "partly" a Psychopath, there was always a part of me that lacked any emotion. But the other was...maybe....normal. When I was a teenager it resulted sometimes to conflicts, when one part of me still felt some guilt, but another part not. It ended mostly with me doing the action and feeling the emotion the next day. I would not call me scizophrenic, since I've always been one person.
I know that I am a Psychopath because I know I lost my emotions. I mimic them to fit into society, but only I know the truth.
I do not regret to have lost my ability to feel emotions. In my opinion it is a huge advantage.
I had a good childhood, there was no domestic violence, I had friends (still have them, they are the last human beings on this planet I'd prefer to see alive, apart from my children), I think I was born as one, it just took time to completly envolve. 
The only emotion left is the great feling of being a dad. I don't love my wife, but she doesn't need to know that. I do care about my children, because if without them I wouldn't be a dad and being one is my only true desire.

It would be interesting to hear your opinions and answers, I have already read some of the other stories here, some were interesting.
What do I think about this...kind of forum?
Well I think we deserve to be recognized and respected as the beings we are. It would make life a bit easier.
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Interesting feed. I am not psychopathic, but I am a pathological narcissist. I have emotions but really if I boil it down I am only feeling for myself and not others. I wish I were more psychopathic since everything I do is to gain some sort of praise from other people but it is never close to what I am worth. I am not overtly arrogant like most narcissists. I prefer to hide my disorder bec I can't stand looking bad. I often feel regret or pain but really I feel only the pain of not having that instrument (person) in my Arsenal. I grieved greatly when my mother died but when I really thought about it I was grieving for myself. My biggest source of never ending love and admiration was gone. That was traumatic.

glad to see someone thinks a lot like me ,i am young and i'm passing the same you passed when you were a teenager , a part of me that is the strongest in my mind is disciplined , rational, smart , calm , cold ,... but there is another part that i try to overcome and expunge out my mind that is not really emotional or remorseful like yours but is impulsive , stupid , uncoordinated,... and makes me feel quite uncomfortable when i let this scourge take control of myself even if its for a second or in the most slightest manner , how you did to overcome and eradicate this problem and keep yourself cold
definitely??? thanks

Ever since I was conscious of my own existence I knew I was different and I agree in a sense that it is easy for us to live a normal life. Whilst we don't get to experience the things others do by right its fine because we don't care, for instance I'm 18 years old and I already see the financial potential in my supposed mental deformity and that trumps attaching weaknesses to yourself and putting trust in others to lift you up.

Basically I love being a psychopath because it makes me stronger then I ever would have been if I was 'normal'.

hate and beauty are only in the eyes of the beholder.. as is rage and passion... under the proper beliefs and understanding everything is either beautiful or ugly... it isn't too hard to understand that is it...?

if I was in the room with another phychopath.. id murder them.. lol I wouldn't want them studying me like im a lab rat.. id take them out honestly.. im not even stable in a public place when I know someone is.. let alone in a room by myself...

how you you say you lack weakness when that's all it is.. a false belief.. and a false perception

why do all phychopaths want blood.. I honestly don't find it all that satisfying ... and I used to beat people to pulp... like letting it out only last momentarily.. like all the great things in life. I don't get it... if you want blood shed then do it.. but you'll never be satisfied.. why does everyone have to make it seem like there's a greater life in this. but there isn't. Find happiness in your mind and hold it.. I don't honestly believe phychopaths exist... we are all born with pure minds.. so don't let your misperception affect others... wow


who in their right minds would want to meet up with OTHER psychopaths?
seriously they know they will all get killed in anyway?
wtf... are you ready for a blood bath?

I've attempted this before on www.psychforums.com, we failed because too many people didn't want to actually meet up. I did have one friend over, she said she had viagra and sleeping pills in her bag so she could rape me that night. Fun times.

I would much rather stay hidden amongst this society which isn't educated or ready enough to handle most of us coming out publicly. They are to ignorant and won't understand, just because I have the mentality to break your skull where you stand doesn't mean I will. I'm very controlled, yet I'm still somewhat intact with my emotions. <br />
<br />
As for a gathering, I wouldn't show. I couldn't stand being around others like me, I can't stand to many people. Maybe a Psychopathy HQ online where we can gather and share our thoughts, views, stories and opinions widespread, but there would be bodies at a gathering.

I agree with you. I would stay hidden too. If I manage to hide and keep myself undetected I would. I don't see the point in "saving" the ones that fails = goes rampaging and doing other stupid stuff. As long as noone can see who I really am (including docs) then I'm safe and would not be a target of discrimination. I've fooled the docs more than once already.

In my opinion we would work together as long as we share one goal.<br />
If we would create a Psychopath union, it would be a pact were nobody is the leader and nobody sees the other. Kind of a secret society were it's members are in contact but never see each other.<br />
The question is: If a state would discriminate us, imprison or kill us just because of what we are, would we stand up together and fight, or would we rather stay hidden and blend in? <br />
Probably the second option, <br />
why should we risk a fight when we can just continue to stay hidden?

My view about this kind of forum is that it is pretty safe for us to see other ones of the same species as internet protects us from each other. I've read some stories here, that say some wants to "gather up" and unite. Hell no. I know I wouldn't stand a second in a "union with others like me" and everyone doing his own stuff and not what I want to do. I'd lead that "united sociopath-group"... haha... just as every single one in the group will do too.<br />
<br />
My experience of psychopaths are from my occupation and my father,. I was very close to kill him but other options showed up. I can't kill my boss, that would not be a good tactical thing to do so I play with his mind instead... and also the other co-workers' minds who are pains in my ***. I know myself well enough and I wouldn't keep the "rules" of an official group gathering or so. I'd start "working" on every single one who think they are better than me.