Psychopath Tends To Get Along With Other Psychopaths, Why?

It was my observations that you psychopaths tend to get extremely well with other psychopaths, why is that?

My psychopathic HS friend married another psychopathic woman and seemed they are really compatible in harmony, my psychopathic friends seem to hang out far more with other psychopaths than us normals fellows. You guys however don't get along well with us overly-sensitive, neurotic type persons, all my enemies had been psychopaths in the past.

I am curious that it seems that psychopaths have a dislike for us who's rich in emotion, they tend to hate that from day one they've met us. Psychopaths can totally detect our overwhelming emotions and they grows this disgust in us. It seems to be very weird...
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I think we empaths seem pathetic to them and bring out the worst in them so they resent us. It really doesn't pay to be too nice these days and that in and of itself can attract them to you. It happened to me as well to the point of being ridiculous . Now that I look back I realized at one time I was surrounded by them. The more I turned the other cheek and tried to be the better person the meaner they became. Ive changed my ways now and am nobody's fool anymore. When treated poorly now I come back swinging. Then I dismiss the person from my life. I have no patience with cruelty any longer.

I think it's not only VERY strange, but suspect that you seem to have run into SOO many psychopaths in your life. And just exactly how many enemies do you have!? Scary. Yes, psychopaths are out there, I've met them, and I'm sure definitely I did not "spot" all of the psychopaths I met, but, really? I mean, you seem and feel odd to me, and I almost want to agree with Wamphyri's opinion... Hmm..

Lol. Reaver, screw emotions, we know thier reactions and morals with which we act accordingly, has nothing to do with feeding off emotions, you do encounter hypocrites on occasion, In regard to the psycopath/psycopath relationships, true I wouldn't say we get along but we certainly know how to form an ongoing battle of sexual frustration.

You sound like a true psychopath. That Reaver67871 maybe a pseudo-psycho who tried so hard to be a psycho in order to look coool.

To begin with it sounds like your ability to spot a psychopath is off. We do not get along with each other. Especially in relationships. We feed off of the emotions of the other person in order to give emotional feedback to them. Two psychopaths would have nothing to feed off of. Eventually they would be forced to find others. Now if they knew that about each other and tried to "hunt" together they would be ineffective. So that leads me to two conclusions. One you don't actually know any psychopaths (which is more likely) or Two because you have the need to belong somewhere that is different and not usual like here, you will make up bs in order to "fit" in.(Which is also likely)

I sense that you are trying to control me... nice try, but fail.

No. No control intended. I am tired of being discriminated against. I believe the only way to alleviate this ignorance is to educate people on what it is like to be a psychopath. Sure we are different. But is that any reason to treat us like monsters?

People treat you like monster coz you act like a monster. I haven't met a single psychopath who simply stick to him/herself without causing mayhem among others.

We empathy have no problems with psychopaths If you people can obey the rule, respect our *moral* values... we don't give a damn whether you have emotion or not, whether you have dark thought in your brain. We HATE psychopaths coz they hurt others, not once, twice, all the time!

I'm going to assume you don't know many psychopaths. First off, they're typically very reserved. So sometimes you don't even know they're there. They don't "hurt others, not once, twice, all the time!" and even if that was the case why would you care, it's not like they're /trying/ to hurt your feelings, they have no experience with it. They don't get some of our morals because it seems stupid and unreasonable for them, and I think that makes a lot of sense.

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"I somehow became a psychopath manipulator myself"<br />
"psychopaths work better and more efficient than the rest emotional fellows."<br />
<br />
Haha spotted ! You're a nascent sociopath but as you're not a retarded psychopath who fails at pretty anything interesting you don't identify with your perception of sociopaths.<br />
<br />
"It was my observations that you psychopaths tend to get extremely well with other psychopaths, why is that?"<br />
It is my observations that you jian1 tend ot have many psychopath friends and post a lot on our board, why is that ? :rolleyes:

To learn about you guys... since my past enemies had always been pschopaths, and I was probably the very few ones that never fall for a victim of psychopaths, they can't dodge my eyes pe se. However, I still yet haven't found a very effective method to counter attack psychopaths.

Nope, I am no way close to sociopath at all, however, I might sufferring from anxiety disorder, depreesion due to my over reactive nature and my over-sensitive nature.

being 30 year-old, counting all the friends I had, there were plenty of you guys in them, though they account only for 5%~10% but the number weren't very low and I've seen the nasty stuff they did to others.

I found my tactics evolves to the better if I learn from you psychos the better, and the new tactic I've come up with is that psychopaths sometimes got fooled if I pretend to be a psychopath myself, and you guys tend to remain in balance with me while I was plotting a surprise strike in the 1st place... You can't counter a psychopath's attack if you failed to strike 1st, otherwise I've found it's better to run away from you all if initial counter measure failed.

" I've found it's better to run away from you all if initial counter measure failed." Are you trying to seduce me by telling me how powerful we are ?!? I'm lost.

I won't call it *power*, but rather "ruthlessness". You guys can do things normal people won't do even if it might benefit themselves. Grew up in communist China, I've witnessed enough pyschopaths within the communist high-rank officers. I bet that soil provides a better place for breeding ground of psychopaths.

You guys are most likely very successful if abide the laws and combined with intelligence, with your cool headness, it ain't hard to climb up ladders of power by your ruthlessness, while those serial killers are simply *loser psychos* and as a matter of fact, the high level I worked up in my company the more psychopaths I've observed.

I guess without a counter measure, sooner or later you guys might rule the world, calling me paranoid or whatsoever, this is how I felt.

"plenty of you guys in them" ???
okay, true psychopaths? or what. I simply don't believe you, well I think you believe you are surrounded by true psychopaths...but I think it is highly likely you are simply surrounded by the messed up normal people of society...

stop lumping psychopaths in the same basket with the worlds parasites.

I am certain you have never been in touch with a psychopath.

Till now.

ever thought of doing an interview?

That is the funniest thing I have heard of in awhile. You cannot pretend to be one. LOL I can spot one in a second and they notice me to. Without I might ad any type of conversation.

Parasites... haha yes you are. I might had lumped someone with psychopathic tendency together with you psychopath, whatever. You psychopaths messed with normal people and turn themselves into one alike... not true psychopath but someone close enough.

I have been in touch with psychopath, spotting one ain't hard either, looking into your eyes gives up everything.

people should not think in terms of sociopath / psychopath... They are socialized psychopaths similar to a wolf brought in at birth..setting you up for months/years until you leave your child alone...

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Why exactly are you posting that story ? I mean, what do you expect ? The answer to the only question you asked is quite obvious : birds of a feather flock together. So you're obviously not particularly stupid, what's your hidden intention ? Are you trying to know your only potential enemies better or did you fall in love with a socio, found the feeling quite unique and now try to re-experience the same high ?