Love Poem To A Psychopath

You push, I pull.
Walk this razor edge with me.
What waits below?
You shove me toward that black abyss,
I hide to pull us back from it.
You seek to corrupt,
I seek to enlighten.
You seek to conquer?
You're too late.
Unstoppable force, meet immovable object.

To trust the untrustworthy,
To love the loveless...
Is salvation possible?
The impossible is my specialty.
Yes, I am cocky.
Sound familiar?
I may lose my mind, but safety?
**** that.
I get bored too.

I'll never tell that I control this game.
No death-wish here.
Can you feel me, my broken angel?

Or maybe I'll just shoot you in your sick, twisted psychopath face. :)
slow4speed slow4speed
22-25, F
2 Responses May 10, 2012


First chapter was very good! The rest lacks any real poetry. But kudos regardless!

It's a devolution from an "empath" frame of mind to a psychopathic one. The loss of the traditional poetry feel is intentional. Yaaay layers of meaning ~!

'Devolution!' And what pray, would make you think it is a step down from the empaths?

Ah, it genuinely reminds of some of the song lyrics from the band Norther. Y'know... that sort of scandavian synth-metal. Like COB.

Devolution means moving from stage to stage. There's no set direction to that vector.

Look. It. Up. Jesus christ. Getting tired of saying this.

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