A Behavioral Mode Of Empaths!

I enjoy learning about human behavior, especially when I get to see it first hand. Certain things like a how sales person will get all excited but try not to show it, if they think they are getting somewhere in their sales pitch. I learned something and I am not sure why I hadn't known this before, perhaps I had heard it but never understood it. Empaths do everything they can to normalize behavior, to find a moral justification for wrong doings or ill manors. Take for instance my counselor, for those who have been following my stories she is the one I want to ******. I have told her so many things that are socially perverse or off, and she does everything in her might to explain to me how that is normal and okay. I even told her I was psychopathic, she just kinda looked at me confused, like it was impossible. I also told a girl that I was psychopathic and then proceded to put on a very sentimental facade, and she totally bought it. fascinating, It's like I tell them hey I will poke your eye out with a stick, the nod a smile, and then I do it, and they don't understand why they got poked in the eye. Anyhow I am interested in whether anyone else has found quarks in empaths behavior, that seem somewhat universal, besides pitty play?
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Empaths and psychopaths circle around the infinite void. Neither would exist without the other and therefore they are not separate.<br />
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A psychopath is merely a being centered and bound by infinite Mind and is thus confused by the irrational heart.<br />
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An empath is merely a being centered and bound by infinite Heart and is thus disturbed by the rational mind.<br />
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A Buddha (i.e. another name for one who has transcended the illusion of duality between Mind and Heart), having no center anywhere, is boundless in compassion for both psychopaths and empaths. Not being bound by Mind, one liberates the psychopath. Not being bound by Heart, one liberates the empath.<br />
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Nothing is excluded from the field of action of an awakened one. This is why the ego of both empaths and psychopaths rightly fears such encounters.

Deception leakage isn't something many empaths are skilled at. They filter everything through their own perceptions first...and so can rarely see the truth that exists outside themselves. :/ Your counselor needs you to be good, because otherwise her helping you goes against her own self image of bettering humanity and helping those in need. The chick that that fell for your emotional facade was probably desperate for someone to care about her, or desired to be special, so getting perceived love from the loveless fulfilled her wish. <br />
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Another universal quirk of us emotions-feeling types: We'll do things when there's nothing in it for us, and even when there's a net loss on our part. Perhaps compassion traps us. Perhaps. But wouldn't you be relieved to receive that compassion in a situation where all your wits and resources had failed you, and the mercy of another was the only thing that could grant you life? We're just hardwired to provide that for you. The actualized ones among us. anyways. :)