What A Weekend! Lady Get's Hit By A Truck, And The Day Before My Best "friend" Dies In A Car Wreck!

Sometimes I skate along in life with a smile on my face, even though I cognitively know that it shouldn't be there! I was driving on my way to a meditation group, when all the sudden BAM! I see a womans body spin around the back end of a truck! We pulled over and I went to see if she was dead, she wasn't unfortunately, but she was badly hurt and wasn't able to move! I was the first to approach her and asked her if she remembered her name and where she was. She was coherent. I looked around and saw the shocked faces and people looking around in horror like they didn't know what to do.
I was smiling, on the inside of course, "finally something exciting!"
People were calling 911 and I heard the screams of the girl who hit the poor coming from behind me. I left the lady to go and let the girl know that the lady was gonna be okay. The girl was very attractive, even with her mascara running down her cheeks. "What is your name?" I asked.
There were already people trying to comfort her and so I sat down next to her and said. "Don't worry, she isn't dead and she seems like she will be fine."
It didn't matter, the girl was still crying uncontrollably. Soon the police responded and the paramedics came. I was extremely disappointed when I found out the girl had a boyfriend. I remember wondering why people got so emotional over the situation. I could only relate with humor.
I said "who needs coffee in the morning, just hit someone with your car!" One person caught my humor and laughed.
The next day, I get a text from a friends, "did you hear that Bryan Died?"
"No I didn't...How did you hear!"
I went and checked the report and sure enough, he had gotten in a car accident and passed away.
"That is crazy!" She said.
"I guess..." I replied. I really don't understand why people are shocked when someone dies.
"You don't think it's crazy that he died?"
"No..."I say," that is what people do, it happens."
"yeah I guess you're right."
A little bit later I get a call from my sister. "Oh my god!"
"I know, I heard too." I was anticipating she knew. She said a few consoling words and realized that I wasn't bothered the least bit
by the news.
"Why do I feel like I am taking this harder than you?" She asked.
"probably cause you are" I replied and said good bye.
Later throughout the day I kept getting people asking and trying to console me. I would try and pretend I was sad, and get through the conversation as quick as possible. I am really thrilled to have so much happen this weekend. It has been fantastic and less mundane.
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brilliant! be good if something like that happened round here...life is so damn dull right now....