Robert/ Trebor

I have undiagnosed schitzophrenia. I frequently have in depth conversations with an individual in my head who has come to be known as Trebor. I don't paticularly mind this as we have developed sort of a friendship/partnership where he has the balls and I have the brains. I usualy think out how to get things done ie: dates, job interviews, and let him take control of the situation. although he has been know to improvise from my ideas at times he's mainly reliable. however when I throw drugs into the situation he becomes moderatly unpredictable and seems fond of petty crime. I remember when I cracked my ribs and got a morphine perscription, it was a nightmare. I think he stole about 45 dollars worth of food from fred myer, had masive amonts of sex with various partners and left graffiti all over the city.
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Why are you posting this in the psychopath's group?