Crimson & Clover

Well I won't back down, no I wont wont back down.
I stand my ground. back me up to the gates of Hell.
You said New York was dangerous, even a blind man could see.
Don't try to understand me, just simply do the things I say.
Cos I'm on fire, quench my desire.
give in to me.
Can't you hear me knocking....
I ain't no stranger...
over and over
I have been waiting to show her
an empty canvas under sheets of clay
over five horizons
looking counter clock wise, not knowing what would happen
maybe you maybe even you
I used to do lots of things
and I'd say things and break things and Jesus I was Evil.
but I'm not gonna let em catch me no
I don't own the clothes I'm wearing
the road goes on forever
we are what we are when in danger
and there always advice on a cold winters night
things just the stay the same as they have always been
just out to rain
if your mad get mad
hey what have you got to hide
I'm a lot like you
Standing at the crossroads not knowing what way to choose
world was on fire
strange world desire
there is someone walking behind you
there is someone watching your footsteps
here is what I feel for you
I want you to know that I want you dead
nobody wants him he just steers at the wall
nobody wants him, they just turn their heads
you can run on for a long time.
for a long time
there's a man going around taking names
everybody will be treated all the same.

2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

fun little ditty you got there. i like it. look i am bored and motivated psychopath. true blue. promise ; i suppose that doesn't mean much from or for our kind. but whatever ... yes we a portrayed as unfeeling monsters and sick thrill killerish types everywhere in society. it is only cause they don't understand us and to tell a normie as i call them, what its like. they perceive you as a sub-human critter as we are uniquely suited to live in this modern age. though psychopaths vary from person to person we should remember what makes us alike. the ability to grasp total objectivity. the ability to cleverly see what we want and take it indulging our need to do it feeling joy and pride from it. the ability to see the glib humor of the universe and laugh at total peace with the absurdity of it all. i think the lot of us psychopaths should chat and work together to further our individual goals. don't worry im not singleing you out im attempting to contact all of us i can so we can have a real conversation somewhere on the net. pop me back here if interested. also my pride wont allow it to stand. im using a fake identity i made. i am not a 80 year old french man from wales.