Terrific Because I Bring Terror!

I Lust again.. I don't care what you want. I don't bother myself with your side of things. I have carnal desires for growling adventures with eyes that would want to hurt me. Eyes that be like mine. In the dead of night. I enjoy it. I have a very wild imagination. It tends to lean in my favor. Not yours.

Understand my hesitation.
Your just pretty. That's the additive. I'm pretty too. It's just luck! I've met others less fortunate, Had to put them in their place for thinking they could use my own tricks on me, on my family, to have me or destroy me. Learn from their mistakes. A mask is a mask. A silent almost cautious monster has one up on the bragging kind.

Dangerous games.. with me...
It's better in the silence.. But you loathe my advice!
Maybe because I'm a woman, maybe because i pretend to be another sheep.
It almost brings a smile to my lips. Do you really think i enjoy chit chat?

I have read the writing on those walls of yours.
Words are there to deceive.
So why the **** did you ask me?
I'm still playing games with you...

A lie was compulsory.
You play me, I'll play you.

LisaRosenthal LisaRosenthal
22-25, F
4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Bavarian nonsense.


Ha ha ha :)

I want this so badly. To butt heads with someone who doesn't treat me like glass. To experience real danger in struggling beneath them. To ultimately destroy them.

you are like a cat with a mouse! and lets face it, some people just asked to played like a harp.