Don't Read Unless You Want To, But Seriously Dont.

I was on a bus going to my computer networking class, my school bus. When I was getting on a fat ***** pushed me and said she was getting on first, I replied seems like we got a testy chick over here, she got pissed off called me a queer and threatened to punch me. I took this opportunity to mind **** her. She is an extremely unattractive scumbag by the way. I basically said please do so I can sue you, I would love to be the one to take your home, and be happy to see you living on the streets, you know, you talk like a man, and act like one too, are you transgender? before she could respond I continued, "No, don't answer ***** I already know your reply, before you continue I would just like to say you are the least liked person in the school cow, now get to the back of the bus, and maybe later you could make me a sandwich. She stared at me a bit, so I started laughing as I said "go ******* now before I decide to sue you for harassment, which there is now a law against, the idea of sending you too the streets, with some possible jail time, and making a few grand at the same time is really starting to appeal to me." After this ordeal she began to cry which caused the packed full bus of 40 people to laugh at her, she has avoided me ever since. I still can't stop laughing at how easy it was, I didn't even make a good argument. But then again, she has an extremely low level of intelligence, I feel as though she is borderline retarded, so I didn't have to.
WildforMe WildforMe
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Uh, good job besting a retard, I guess.

They are in normal classes, but just fail them. They aren't actually a retard I just consider them one.

Good job besting a near-retard, I guess.

Thanks, She may of been an idiot, but it was amusing to watch her cry.