I keep reading stories on here about feelings. isn't the point on being a psychopath involve no feeling. I could never be suicidal because the depression isn't there, as I can not be angry also. if I kill something it is for convenience to my life. I think, I plan, I do not feel. I see feelings in others and use it for my advantage. most of the stories I have read appear to be from very angry individuals that use the term psychopath as an excuse for their violence. psychopathy is more of an art of illusion and a way of life that involves careful manipulation and decisions based on logical thought not feelings which you should not have.
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The flat affect to which I believe you are referring is more typical of the schizotypal personality grouping. The things you're describing sound like your misinterpretation of Hare's PCL-R questions that you've found online somewhere.

The trouble with that being so widely available is that people attempt to self-assess with little understanding of the meanings of the answer scale in relation to the questions. 0, 1, and 2 seems like a simple enough scoring system, until you understand what a "pervasive trait" refers to from the perspective of a psychologist.

If I were you, I'd speak with family and friends that have been around you and request the answers to these questions so that you can find a source more able to accurately answer these things about yourself.

If that process still leads you back to believing that you are a dyed-in-the-wool psychopath, consult a professional that has been trained to administer the PCL-R correctly.

Shallow emotions are typical of psychopathy - not a complete lack of emotions. Emotional range can vary significantly between individuals. Depression is uncommon, but not unheard of. There are even comorbidities of ASPD and BAD.

With psychopathy, you can't feel guilt, remorse, or empathy, I don't get sad, or feel bad, although I can feel satisfaction and anger, anger is a very big characteristic of psychopathy.

I feel emotions during extreme situations where as others are overwhelmed by them. I feel little or none during typical or mundane moments. however anger is one I'm fully aware of which flames up hard before settling into a nice cold burn that feels very comfortable to me. like home if you will.

now as far as fear...I don't remember ever fearing anything but if try to imagine the feeling the only thing that I might fear ,if that is what I'm feeling, is the thought of being insignificant. that is a trait that relates to the ego and supports your theory on me being of a more narcissistic nature than psychopathic. however as I did score only 60 percent narcissist and 100 percent psychopath on several test I lean still toward the test results. of course they are just test and are fallible as we are all individuals and no one fits in a box except for their own. and these tests are meant as guidelines and individual observations are needed for a true diagnosis.

You're contradicting yourself.

yes I am its chaos inside nothing but a confusing contradiction. but never mind ciao

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