Psychopaths Still Care About Family

Contrary to most books and 'authorities' on the subject, I firmly believe that Psychopaths can care deeply for the people who are close to them, even though they don't give a damn about anyone else.

Most non-psychopath 'experts' discuss psychopaths using their family and close friends only to fill their narcissistic needs, for money, etc. But in my last post, I discussed a little bit of perplexment (yes, I just made that up) with the fact that I'm still intensely connected with my child, and honestly care for my family and closest friends.

Today, I came across a quote in Ragnar Redbeard's "Might is Right" that sums up how I feel on the matter perfectly:

"A mans FIRST duty in this world is to HIMSELF, and the word ‘himself’ includes those near and dear ones who have twined their tendrils around his heart. A man’s kindred are part of himself. He should not forget that when fighting for his own hand, he is fighting for them. His strength is their rampart. Their strength is his glory. The family and the individual are a unit."

Maybe there are some rare psychopaths out there that truly ARE islands, but I think the vast majority can relate to this.
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from what I've read, apparently psychopaths still can still care about people closest to them. question is, why? besides a lot of people on here are just trolls who think they're edgy and want external validation, so it's all w/e

The main aim of psychopaths is to spread their genes. Thus psychopaths are highly unlikely to manipulate their own family members for their selfish needs. Psychopaths seek relationships with complete strangers whenever they want to use them.
But I won't agree about the caring part. It is more of a 'give and take' relationship with their close related ones.

I'm suspecting there are lots of kids here. And it's a lot easier to say that you don't care about your parents, siblings, or extended family than it is once you have a wife, your own kid, etc. I expect many who think it's easy to not have any attachment to such family haven't created families of their own yet. You may see things differently when you do.

I was impressed by the idea of this website, but (of course), I'm thinking there are quite a few folks out there who aren't really like me, are maybe dabbling with the idea of psychopathy and are just looking for another place to belong. I guess that'll be the case everywhere. But some of your comments and stories ARE refreshing.

If only I could put a child on someone else. I would be interested in siring offspring to see if I experienced some similar bond. But to be a dam? Such investment. Too much trouble for a simple experiment, I think.

I don't share your opinion on this one, I definitely don't value connection. I am fine being connected, but I could care less who it is. It's a rather unromantic view, I look at the people in my life, sharing my time, and each person has a different size piece of the pie. If one person defects, then a new person can easily be replaced. I don't feel deeply for anyone, but I am very socialized and so I tend to act as such.
I am not sure you are an actual diagnosed psychopath, but sounds to me like you may be misidentifying yourself as a psychopath.

I think this is a bit diluted but, it relates:

they do have attachments to certain people in their lives. even some have pets. but the attachment is different, the only way they can "care". but like everything, it would vary from one individual to another. information is easily accessible if this is something your are not look for answers in this''ll either find wanna be's who only know what tv told them and things they have "heard or assume to be true", or psychopaths who are, compulsive liars....

as for me, I don't have an attachment to my family, or other people in my life, I easily go without them, their company, I am however used to them being around.

So which are you, Void?

I am the kind who has a yard full of dead animals. I don't even bother burying them now, they're just laying around, I wait for the flesh to fall from the body, I like to keep the bones.

So, a wannabe or a compulsive liar?

we are all liars. it's how we survive.

@void: you (and i) said "compulsive"...if you cannot control your lying it is a whole different thing.

@soulburst: quit stalking me.

I don't attempt to control my's just to the point that it's natural..I don't even think about it when I am lying, no matter if the lie is great or small...I lie even when you don't need to...but when I do "need to lie" I'm very ******* good at it.

Ahh, we'll then. You are compulsive ;)

I must say, Light, that certain stalkers only do more harm to themselves than they emit amusement onto me. Personally, I've grown bored with "It."

how do you know this soul? you couldn't tell what was true or not with me if I was looking you straight in the eyes...trained professionals can't, so you wouldn't have a chance....everything I have, I have gained through fooling those around me, their loss is my gain. that's life. people get hurt, not my problem.

I could be lying in all my posts, I could be telling the truth, how could I prove it and why would I prove it to you, a total idiot, with an inflated ego...Light posed a very basic, but relevant test...through text you can't tall jack **** have also made assumptions and I can tell with out a doubt face to face you still wouldn't get it.

like a cat and mouse you have him cornered....

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I don't know about that. I've never felt any connection to my parents, siblings, or nephews and nieces. I stayed in contact with my parents only so long as they could be counted on to make incredibly unwise decisions that benefited me. The moment they stopped hemorrhaging money in my direction, their knowledge of my habits became a liability I could ill afford. I courted my grandmother's favor in her last days to get a nice inheritance, but beyond that, I am estranged from all of my family but one brother. The rest have either been drained of resources or have stopped allowing me to easily tap them.

I may care about my fiance? I suppose? I'm not really sure yet. Whatever I feel for him, it's certainly not quite the same thing I've heard the empathetic describe as love -- and whatever there is, it's entirely secondary to making use of his talents and resources.