Aileen Wuornos - Seial Killer Or Victim Of A Brutal Justice System?

Was Aileen Wuornos a monster or a victim of a barbaric criminal system? 


Her childhood was not a good one. She was born Feb. 29th 1956, in Michigan, USA, her mother and father were 14 and 16 respectively - he was a sexual pervert, a child molester, and was always armed with firearms, so this was not the best start. 


Her father left after 6 months, and eventually her mother could no longer cope, so in 1960 Aileen was abandoned by her mother, being left with her grandparents. Her father was later arreated on capital charges for raping and kidnapping a 7 year old child,  transporting her across state lines. 

Aileen later would say about her grandparents house: 


"Never the less, a place of secrets, in the royal, close-knot community, consisting of dirty roads,  24 miles north of the bustling  metropolis of Detroit. "

It was well known that the Wuornos family kept the world very much at arms length. The Grandfather was a believer in corporal punishment. He would get Aileen ********, spread-eagles on the bed and beat her with his belt - stating with each blow that she was "worthless, should never have been born". It was also known that Aileen would have sex with her brother when she was young, who would die at twenty three from lung cancer.

There was a place known as "The Pits", popular with young folk as a drinking and smoking den,  where Aileen would sell sex for packs of cigarettes. By the age of 12, she was a heavy drinker, when she would pass out waking to find her clothing heavily stained with *****. 


Her troubles were well and truly set in stone from this time on. She became pregnant at 14, this was a step too far for her Grandparents, and she was made to give up her baby for adoption. 

The Grandmother Britta died in suspicious circumstances in 1971, and then in 1976, her Grandfather,  Lauri hanged himself. 


Her Grandfather threw her out of the house at 16, wherein she ended up on the streets and entered into the world of prostitution. In 1976, two months after the suicide of her Grandfather, she briefly married a millionaire, he was 69, she was 20. Most people thought it a bizarre match. He wanted to sit and watch TV, she wanted a good life down the bar with her buddies. He wanted a house wife, she wanted fun. He was fulfilled in his sexual desires, but was unwilling to accept herneed for a social life. 

She then met Tyria Jolene Moore, her lesbian lover. My personal opinion is that there is the start of Aileen's problems. Up to this point, she had spent looking for someone to love, to build and keep a home with. Aileen would financially support her lover almost from day one. 


Aileen woul work on the streets , whilst Tyria stayed at the motel or trailer park where hey were living, and she ould demand that Wuornos work harder to provide the material things that make the home they shared whilst doing nothing hrself to contribute. The real driving force in Aileen's was not money but the need for the fulfilment of love.  

The first victim of Aileen was Richard Mallory, 1st Dec 1989. However, he was not an innocent player in the Florida prostitution scene, however, he had spent 12 years in a Florida Mental Institution for raping a young woman. Whilst there,  he sexuall assaulted one of the female nuring staff (after which only male staff interacted with him).  He also escaped from the hospital. He was a regular face at the ***** bars, brothels and red light districts of his area, to the point he had driven himself close to bankrupcy. When he had no money, he would offer TV sets, or repairs to TV/Video machines (his business was TV and Video Repairman).

I find it interesting that Wuornos had been a prostitute since she was 16, and yet until she met this man had not attemted to rob, assault or kill any of her 



Tyria would help set Wuornos up with the police, even though she denied knowing that Mallory was a victim, she was a lying little *****. In the court case, the jury was never told that Malloney was prosecuted for his activities which lead to his incarceration, and his sexual habits afterwards. Malloney was a sexual sadist, the Judge at Wuornous' trial refusing the tetimony of a former victim of Mallory to be heard by te jury. 

Malloney had an incredible sex drive, and one of his victims Chastity Marcus was asked about her experience - and she said that had she had a gun, she would have shot him This too was not heard by the jury, on the decision of the Judge.


Wuornos claimed he had attacked her, and there seems to be no reason to disbelieve her based on his previous form, it is more the truth that he fatally picked on the wrong woman. 

This action by Mallory was what triggered the serial killing spree of Aileen. 


Next victim was David Spears, killed 19th May 1990. Then Charles "Chuck" Carskaddon, 21st May 1990. Next Eugene Troy Burress 13th July 1990. Following on to Curtis Corky Reed 6th Sept. 1990. 


Next was  Charles "****" Humphreys, 11th September 1990, he was 56 years old, and he was a former Police Chief, and why Aileen faced an impossible task at her trial - she was seen as a cop killer. 

Then killed Walter Gino Antionio, 17th November 1990, who was also a reserve police officer. 


Here was her problem - she had killed two police officers. However how was she to know? They were not uniformed (one was retired), they were chosen at random. By the time Aileen was 34, she was looking considerably older, physically washed up, she spent her days brooding in her room, not earning money on the street turning tricks. She took to the streets, she would **** just to get a place to sleep for a few nights, she had reached rock bottom. 

She was arrested finally on the 8th January 1991 at 8:21 am. Aileen then gave a full and open statement, without legal representation, this showing as a sign of her mental state. Aileen repeatedly refused a mental health assessment, claiming to be fit, even though many saw plainly how unwell she was and publicly stated so. 


Anyone who says they are not mad, when on a capital murder charge, is mad. 

She spent her last few years in a cell, 18 feet by 10 feet, with electic cell doors. It only cosy $72.39 a day to keep her like this. She would spend her long days in solitude. 


On Sunday 29th Dec. 2002, she was tken to the place of her execution, dated for two days later. She was in a lighted cell 24/7. On Wednesday 9th October 2002 she would have her last cofee, waking at 0900 in a good mood. She offered no resistance at her execution. She was sttrapped to a table, she was given the lethat injection, she coughed twic and died. 

She had asked for no religious guidance before her execution. She reused the barbeque chicken prepared for her last meal, telling the staff that they were to give it to the other prisoners. 30 minutes before her death she was given a pre injection of 8cc 2% sodium pentothal. The executioners wore protective clothing and were armed with Mace. Strapped to the table, two 16 guage needles and two cathaters were connected by tubes, and a doctor attached a heart monitor. She was asked for her last words:

" I am would just like to say I am sailing with the rock, I will be back like Independence Day, with Jesus June 6th like the movie, with the big mother ship. I'll be back"


Anyone who thinks this is a statement from one with a sane mind is blind. Aileen looked scared - over ten seconds she was given inhection of sodium thiopentone, a rapid actin anesthetic. She felt a pain in her arm, lightheadedness. Then 15 mls sailine, then 50cc pancuronium bromide. She felt pressure in her chest, and then died. 


I think she had a very sad life, she was stabbed in the back by her lover, she then turned into a serial killer by a sexual agressor, which was never taken into consideration. She then killed two policemen, and and at this point no-one cared about her mental state.

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to be honest i feel sorry for her, it sounds like she became a killer after experiencing a really messed up life full of abuse and evil at the hands of other people. no wonder she ended up like that and all society can do is blame her for it all, never looking at itself.