Rose West The Making Of A Monster By Jane Carter-woodrow (

Fred and Rose West were charged with at least 10 counts of murder in 1994.   What lead them to commit these vicious crimes?




In the book it explains their childhood history. Rosemary's father Bill was abusive to most of the kids in the family home: Rose was known as "Dozy Rosy". He would ***** the children and whip them., however he was only sexually abusive  with Rose from an early age. She was ************ her brothers from an early age too, and two of them were sexually abused by her.




She became pregnant by Fred West at the age of 15, whence she was put into local authority care.


Fred West was sexually abused from an early age too: he was made to have sex with his mother from an early age, and forcibly encouraged Fred into acts of ********** with farm animals. Fred was known never to take no for an answer from any woman, but would persevere to the end.






Both Fred and Rose were outsiders at school, with few friends. As Rose got older, she became quite large, and would protect her brothers and sisters from bullies, known as "Hard Girl" to the other kids.


In Rose's home, the other kids got into plenty trouble, but Rose was the golden Girl for her father Bill, she could do wrong. When Bill died, Rose's mother, Daisy, got hold of his medical file he was diagnosed Schizophrenic but this was kept secret, however local kids called Bill "skitzo". She managed not to have a single serious teenage friend at school.




After being placed in care at 15, pregnant, but was allowed to leave care and marry Fred at 16.


Rose's first murder was of Charmaine (Fred's stepdaughter) in 1971, whilst Fred was in Prison. Fred and Rose's first home was 25 Midland Road, Gloucester  which was an area populated by large (for the time) population of West Indian and Polish people.




Rose always wanted to be wife and mother: she took up life as Fred's wife quickly. Her place was to be the disciplinarian within the household. Rose had her first child in October 1970. There were many rumors that this child - Heather - was her Father's child, and her stepchildren - Charmaine and Anna - Marie - were ecstatic with the new baby. Fred went to Prison in 1971, and during this time Rose began lashing out violently at the children.




As Bill had done in her own childhood, Rose began a consistent campaign of brutality. She would ***** Anna Marie and Charmaine, tie their arms behind their backs and tie their legs spread eagled to the beds, it was always her job to discipline he kids. Rose always wanted to please Fred, it's believed this is why she killed Charmaine - as a trophy of sorts, for Fred's pleasure.


After Fred returned from Prison, as he used to work in an abattoir  he chopped the body of Charmaine up, they told many people that she had gone to live with her mother, Rena Costello, whilst telling others she and her mother had gone to Bristol, showing their contempt of others and their own hubris.




After Fred's sentence was finished, Rose was soon pregnant. When he wanted her to do things, he would nag at her, demanding that she do what he wanted "for the marriage".


They married on the 29th January, a few months after Rose turned 18. They were pathological liars, however not to each other. Then they moved to 25 Cromwell Street. Fred claimed that they had overstretched themselves and Rose would have to be a prostitute. They also took in lodgers, so there were always people coming and going.




A few months later, they started abusing Anne Marie together. When Anne Marie asked what was happening Rose said she was going to really enjoy herself  Fred ordered her to ***** naked, and Rose ripped the dress from her, saying that Anne Marie had heard her father, she begged them to stop, she was ignored and told to shut up and ge quiet. Fred spread eagled he legs, and tied her hands above her head., and Rose squatted on her face and began to scratch and paw at her, eventually drawing blood from her small breasts, as Rose would later do to other victims later. At this time, Fred also became obsessed with breeding Rose with a Bull. From 1972, Fred and Rose began to actively hunt girls from his car. Their first victim, was Lynda Gough, in 1973. There were now eight lodgers at 25 Cromwell St. Their victim tally now made them, in UK official terms, Serial Killers.


IN the summer of 1973, Fred decided to extend the house, using stolen building materials. They had their second baby together in August of this year. Rose had now broken every taboo, including murder, and was again sleeping with her father, Bill.




Their campaign of murder continued:



  • Charmaine West (born 22 February 1963): Killed in June 1971 by Rose West while Fred was in prison, the motive said to be Rose's wish to break links with Charmaine's mother, "Rena".

  • Catherine Bernadette "Rena" West (born 14 April 1944): Killed August 1971. Rena had called to take Charmaine away with her and it is believed Fred West killed her to avoid an investigation into Charmaine’s whereabouts.

  • Lynda Gough (born 1 May 1953): Killed April 1973. A lodger at 25 Cromwell St, Gough and Rosemary would share lovers. Following her disappearance Gough’s mother called to visit and Rosemary, wearing Gough’s clothes and slippers, told her she had moved to find work in Weston-super-Mare.

  • Carol "Caz" Ann Cooper (born 10 April 1958): Killed November 1973. Cooper was living in a children’s home in Worcester when she disappeared while walking home from the cinema.

  • Lucy Katherine Partington (born 4 March 1952): Killed December 1973. Spent Christmas with her family in Cheltenham and visited a friend, and disappeared after leaving to catch a bus home. There is strong evidence that she had been kept alive for at least several days. A week after she disappeared, Fred went to a hospital in the early hours of 3 January 1974 to get a serious laceration stitched. A knife matching the cut was found with Partington's body and police surmise he sustained the injury while dismembering the body. Partington, a university student, was the cousin of novelist Martin Amis and the sister of author Marian Partington, who wrote about her sister's disappearance and the discovery of her remains in her memoir If You Sit Very Still (2012).[19]

  • Therese Siegenthaler (born 27 November 1952): Killed in April 1974. A student in South London who left to hitch-hike to Ireland and disappeared.

  • Shirley Hubbard (born 26 June 1959): Killed November 1974. Left a work experience course in Droitwich to return home but did not arrive. When her remains were found her head was completely covered in tape with only a three-inch rubber tube inserted to allow her to breathe.

  • Juanita "Nita" Marion Mott (born 1 March 1957): Killed April 1975. A former lodger at 25 Cromwell St, Mott was living with a friend of her mother's in Newent when she disappeared.

  • Shirley Anne Robinson (born 8 October 1959): Killed May 1978. A lodger at 25 Cromwell St, Robinson was a prostitute for the Wests. Disappeared after becoming pregnant with Fred’s child.

  • Alison Chambers (born 8 September 1962): Killed August 1979. Last known sexually-motivated killing.

  • Heather Ann West (born 17 October 1970) Killed June 1987. Heather became the focus of Fred’s attentions after Anne Marie left home. She complained to friends about the abuse, and when this got back to Fred and Rose, they decided to eliminate her as Heather now risked exposing them. Also, Heather was probably sired not by Fred, but by Rose's abusive father, Bill Letts.[18] Fred West claimed he had not meant to kill her but she had been sneering at him and he "had to take the smirk off her face". Rosemary told an enquiring neighbour the following day that she and Heather had a "hell of a row" so it is believed Rosemary may have initiated her death. The Wests told their children Heather had left for a job in Devon, but later changed the story to her having run off with a lesbian lover when she failed to contact or visit them. Later still Fred would threaten the children that they would "end up under the patio like Heather" if they misbehaved. Heather's body was found under the patio that Fred had built over the fishpond dug by his son Stephen. Heather's murder indirectly led to the Wests' arrests almost seven years later.






A consultant psychiatrist said:


Men who have been sexually bused in children, and involved in sexual activity from and early age, to the extent that they become preoccupied, did so as a way of soothing negative moods. The same could be applied to rose, she frequently used the word "enjoy" when abusing her victims.


Fred's attitude to ****** appears to have been  pragmatic when he said of Rose's relationship with Bill (her father) :


"Making love to your father, you don't have to have a chat up line I shouldn't think. "



Fred manipulated Bill into joining their sex circle, to give him a hold over his father in law. It is said about Rose that: As Rose went about her life , she had learned to completely blank out what had happened, originally as a child, and had carried on with this as an adult.

Their campaign of murder continued until they were arrested in 1994. A psychologist at the time said they were "teenage delinquents in adult bodies".




In the end, Rose, Fred and Fred's brother were arrested and charged with a variety of offences. Fred and Rose stood trial together, but Fred's suicide by hanging in Prison, which in my opinion is highly suspicious. Fred's brother also hanged himself before prosecution, but outside prison.


Rose was found guilty, given Life, with no release.


Rose today.


Rose spends her days watching soap operas and drinking tea from china cups. She befriended Myra Hindley, they were in the hospital wing together. Now she socializes with the murderer of "Baby P" Tracy Connelly. There are also rumors that she is penning a cook book from her cell.




In recent years, Rose turned down an offer of marriage, telling him, "A girl in my position needs a man with a little prospects"....


One of Rose's favorite books now is called "The Shell Seekers", this is about a middle aged woman looking back over her life, as she explores the disastrous affects an interference can have on a family. In her case, the legacy that lead to tragedy wasn't about money, property or assets, but a life of abuse.




In my opinion:


I believe that society put Rose in Prison, yes she did  torture and murder women, however, was she naturally evil was she the creation of the eil perpetrated against her in her childhood years? In my opinion, most people will not agree, she was made that way by the abuse she suffered. So can you punish her with Prison? Not to say I believe she should be released to potentially murder again. I think the criminal justice system should have a way of punishing people who are victims of thir own abuse who go on to be abusers. Are you helping the abuser, who themselves were abused.


I myself, a victim of abuse, believe that by punishing the victim who is also the abuser, will not help society at all.You need to break the chain of abuse. Prison will not do this.




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Jan 13, 2013