It's Only When You Accept What You Are, Can You Get What You Want...

and i want it all. i dream about money and fame. i dream about bodies drenched in sweet sweat and blood.

i want to sink my teeth into the faces of every person i pass by.i want to **** on their ******* bodies.

i know i'm damaged, i think i'm probably a psychopath. but i like it. i don't care... i like the idea that people are afraid of me. not that they know the real me... but those unfortunate enough to have seen, i get off on their fear.

i like hurting people. i love to **** with their minds. i love to make up **** and see how far i can go with it.

i lie everyday. and i feel like my lies are the only truth. everyone else is in such a ******* state of desperation, i feel free.

i **** who i want, when i want. i love to hurt them, it makes me come harder.

i don't love anyone. i think love is weak.
i will always smile at another persons misery.

this is me. and i accept all of it.

Xooo Xooo
Jan 17, 2013