Functional Psychopathy

I'm of the psychopaths that do not overlap into Antisocial Personality Disorder, though I have other PDs.  I'm highly functioning and blend in well with the general populus -after all, lack of empathy and guilt don't show on the outside as long as you're not getting yourself into noticeable trouble.

Rather than having APD, I am one who works at functioning among the group and flying under the radar in my doings and thoughts (hence the special used-only-here username of mine).  In doing this, I find life rather awkward...

For example:

Trying to fake empathy when a friend is sad/upset about something... trying to guess how you are supposed to act, how much, what way, how long, et cetera to put on the right simulation of empathy without under or over-doing it.

It carries over into every little bit of functioning with others when one wants to stay out of trouble... not out of any feeling of inherent morality dictated by society, but just to avoid the hassle.  And that's really what is in place rather than a societal set of values:  a desire to not be bothered by others.  I don't steal not because I feel it's terribly wrong or I just "shouldn't" but because getting caught would be a royal pain in my ***.

And the same for other law and ethics breaking... it's a case of logical cost/benefit analysis.

I get sick of how APD and psychopathy are used interchangeably now, despite having separate diagnostic requirements/symptoms and how this causes all psychopaths to be considered law breaking violent offenders.  Some of us just can't feel empathy or guilt but also just want to be left the hell alone.

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@shhh So much yes from what you've said here I can say I am a functional psychopath as well. Except the stealing. I personally know that I won't because I don't want to be bothered even thinking about ways and possibilities of not getting caught.

I am diagnosed (twice) and suffer from comorbid pds. I'm successful, financially well off, lazy, don't love personal hygiene when its irrelevant, have more cars and other toys than I care to use and so on. You get the picture. I am left alone and I love it. You have to move through layers of assistants and other staff to get close. I have the corner office because I own the firm and the building. However, you won't find me there. I'm at home mostly. I am bored with life and don't really know what to do with the rest of my life. I like smoking and different tastes so yes, there's that. If I could choose however, I would want to be normal.

I get sick of how it's popular to believe that morality/ethics is just an appeal to empathy now. But, having said that, a lot of what is "dictated by society" to be moral/immoral is just incorrect.

Wanting to be left the hell alone is something I can really relate to anyway.

To those who asked about my other personality disorders: borderline, schizotypal and extreme narcissism (which is what led the psychiatrist and psychologist I'm seeing to pursue whether I am a psychopath or not).

I can't believe I'm saying this, but there should be more psychopaths like you. I can understand people being born with no empathy or guilt, but if they want to survive in this world and not spend their lives behind bars then at least for their own selfish reasons, they must conform and refrain from violence and crime. That might be boring, but is doing time in prison more exciting?

Yeah, life in an isolation cell is a real hoot. Good luck with that.

Going by the other experiences listed by the writer, I doubt this person has enough traits of aggressive narcissism to be psychopathic.

Can post addiction withdrawl syndrome look like this DX?

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You mention you have "other PD"s. Can I ask you which?

It's called subclinical psychopathy or aggressive narcissism. Read my experience.

alright yeah your pretty boring, people should leave you alone like you want. I mean, no emotion and no horror. you may bore someone to death, thus committing murder and failing to blend in. deliciously ironic.