That Stupid *****

So a while back I was friends with this guy, let's call him... Dummy, and he had this girlfriend, lets call her *****, who was pretty hot and whom in some way I wanted. Anyway me and Dummy stopped being friends, he kept trying to manipulate me so finally I manipulated him into looking like a huge jackass (more so I brought the fact that he was a huge jackass to the surface and left him nowhere to hide it) and he ended up losing a lot of his friends, including his girl friend.

So some time passes and I forgot mostly about this whole thing, then I find out that Dummy had told another friend of mine (he's really not that important) to punch me if I tried to make a move on *****. So naturally I made my move on ***** just to **** Dummy off even more (I hate to admit it but he actually conned me out of some money), becoming her friend again and being someone she can trust (lol)  so finally I asked her out and as you probably guessed, she rejected me.

That ****.

awwell, I spent the rest of the night pretending to be all hurt and upset to some other girl (she's also not important) so she would do things for me, I've already got her knitting me a scarf and baking me cookies

So really, is this a victory? Sure I didn't **** Dummy off but when he hears I tried he'll be mad, and I also got a girl to make me baked goods... so maybe...

I guess what really ****** me off is that ***** picked some french Quebec guy over me.

******* Quebec.

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Normal people.

*Jumps in and throws out a hook with bait on it*