Who I Am

As you are born with psychopathy I've always been the same from childhood to now. I have no feelings. No true ones. Nothing emotional. No regret. No remorse.

Of course I can fake it.. we have to be socially accepted in this society. If not you are considered "crazy".

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Took me years to know me and accept me. I was called misanthrope, nihilist, crazy, but I think only undisciplined and unprepared get caught.

I like this person.

In my opinion I am normal and everybody else is crazy for crying over that child who died. They don't even knew him, it is totally illogical.

Do people just flick through their copy of the DSM and pick what ever they like the sound of? Did you remember to use the interview guide? If you do it properly you can come down with almost anything.

I hope you like mine better