I Am Self-published And In 15 Stores

Hi, I am hoping to connect with other self published people who have books they can swap with mine and help keep our books stocked in stores. I don't always have enough books on hand to keep restocked and it was hard enough finding the stores, now I must keep them stocked and it is a continual pressure!

My book is about climate change and I would like to gather books from people on cooking, climate change, childrens books, detective and romance stories - the kinds of books the stores like to sell.

You can email me at suziekworthyREMOVETHISTEXT@gmail.com and remove the text where it says which I put in for spammers.

thanks hoping to hear from you all, also hope to hear from anyone who has a short story or poem they would like to contribute to a book.



suziekw suziekw
2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

`Morning, from the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I finally broke into self-publishing also but on Amazon, an inexpensive way to self publish. Right bow before I go any further I need to wait until I get my other computer out of the shop. My other computer is a MSN v. 8, (which is in the shop) I am on a v.7, my spare which I use with my model railroad layout and has issues also. Can't win for losing. I book marked your e-mail address and can forward you copies if you want to see if it fits your criteria. I'll address it in the e-mail. # # #

Hi,i'm 17, i'm not a published author but i would like to become one, how did you go through the publishing process?