I Walked Into The Next Realm

I am a black and puerto rican unorthodox jew(semi) but entirely christian and it was in Arizona year 2000 after graduation from high school that something led me to fast for a week (God) and I had lost at least 20 lbs. Yes I know! Soon  after the fast, it seemed like time as rapidly slowed down and everything went into slow motion. Night had fell really fast and the first strange thing that happened,now mind you Arizona is all desert; a rain cloud around night fall was just hovering over our house and it was just raining only on our house no one else.  I found myself naked in the yard face down in the grass crying out to God, still no one came home. And all of a sudden I woke up in the hospital, as I entered the hospital the hospital walls was made of pure glass and i saw the most frightening thing," I saw the planets in a circular motion with the sun in the middle spin across the sky like a spinning frisbee. While in the hospital, all the t.v.'s came on by themselves the staff was freaking out and I saw everything I was seeing in the spirit happen on t.v. , a week before this happened while at work I saw in the spirit 911 happen and i probably frightened all the customers as I was rambling on about "Spiritual emergency; something bad is going to happen." Then all the computer screens in the store ;everyones' total kept coming up to $9.11 all across the screens. Getting back to the story;  in the hospital :.....as I was being gurneyed into the hospital handcuffed I said I need to walk around and the police said," You will wake the dead, Shut up!"  People was running and I heard people and attendants bumping into things. One woman shouted," He has come"  I was crying and screaming," What is happening" And that's when it happened, I had stepped outside of my body and heard someone say," He a prophet" that happened at church the following day which was a sunday. (That's another story) As I was in the hospital room even though out of my body i was still in my body and they said," I have to place the white sheets over your face, you can't be looked upon" (that confirmed what happened sunday) The Pastor had came to see me from the church but didn't stay long.  It's gets weirder, A large screen appeared in the room like a hologram only I saw it though, and I saw a wedding being perfomed, then I saw a pregnant jewish woman. It's gets weirder, Ricky Martin (you now that latin pop star) was getting married to me)

Kind of Gay but it was spiritual so i went with it. I was the woman in the dress when he kissed me on the side temple and placed a ring on my  hand I passed out and I heard a voice say, " She's the one,, The Black Mary" I got scared, really scared. When I came back to kansas city, missouri I had a seperate encounter in 2005 where I saw a black box hover over kansas city and heard the voice say again, "He(she) is the black mary" I was hospitalized because of all 3 experiences. If anyone can interpret these experiences please let me know and call or contact me via phone or email @ donaldwesleycarter@yahoo.com or 816-673-0794

Deyonce28 Deyonce28
26-30, M
Mar 13, 2010