yea, you want some ? high grades? - well the usual term for a drugs in our country - or the person selling on the streets ( pusher) - but nope - i was kidding , I ain't got no high grades. Not even a month now I went on a 21 day fasting period to develop my inner self, mental control under conditions - such as no food whole day , water alone , worked 14 hours , was up and about whole day - then at night , call it 2 baby carrots , 3 thin slices of sweet pepper , a small piece of broccoli , vegs that amount to less than a handful that would be steamed/half cooked with no salt and one fruit at nights - with plain water - is all I had for those 21 days - sometimes I skip days without having anything - I left out all flour products , refined sugar , no salt , no meats , no fish , no dairy etc nothing else except those vegs - it has done well for me as developed me to be a person with a stronger will power in mind , meaning my persistence/ determination it self has increased in the mental aspect with this practice - I want to do one more attempt in similar fashion - but for 30 - 40 days this time.
Stephenrko Stephenrko
36-40, M
Aug 28, 2014