Warning Flammable Do Not Put Near Naked Flame Ok

I have always liked playing with fire and today for the first time i got burnt but that is not the story here. I was out in the garden ,we have a wasp problem.
To many of them around so i looked around for something flamable and a spray. First i tried the lynx "but i dont like the lynx effect when you get a whiff of it spray back in your face but the flame sure was good.

I then found some aftershave which worked better and was not so offensive smell wise.

I found my jet flame lighter and filled it up and took it out to the garden along with the aftershave.
I spotted my first wasp victim it was on top of the car. I quickly sneeked up to behind it lite up my lighter and spryed aftershafe across the flame. The flame was quite something. It went across and burnt the wasp taking out its wings.

another two squirts with the aftershave and the wasp met its maker.

the day was ok i got another several wasps the last one i got i sprayed to much and i burnt my hand.

I remember when i first messed around with fire. I would take matches drip candle wax over them add paper and then another layer of candle wax and i used to light it. That was when i was about 14. I then started grinding matches up to make things that go bang.

Most stupid thing i ever did was i spent hours grinding up match heads to powder. I then got party poppers took out the guts and i filled it up with the match powder and i compressed the end with bluetack. I added more string to the end of it.

I then took it out with me and my foe was outside in the woods he was chasing me and i pulled this party popper out and i said to him stand back ,stay away this is a explosive and he was skeptical but he was not stupid he kept his distance until i got to my front gate.

Then i threw it as him. he did not believe that it really what i had said. So he pulled it. There was a almighty bang it scared the living day lights out of him. All that was left of the party popper was the handle that he was holding it by the look on his face was epic.

After that he begged me to make some but i never made any after that.

i would make all sort of things when i was bored.

went through a stage of making smoke bombs ever since then i not been bother but today re sparked my interest for things that go bang and also for fire.

i would like to make more stuff.

what made me make the party popper thing was when a friend of mine was telling me if you coompress gun powder it will explode.

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Do you still play with at all? I just need to know for a paper I'm researching.


I love fre, too. I have some fantastic thngs that I have done with it. Hit me up, let's talk about it sometime.