My Friend Burnt Me, Now Were Fire Buddies.

When I was 14, I was doing woodwork in school. I thought I was safe, but I trusted the one person I shouldn't have.
My friend Samuel, came up to me and said he wanted to show me something and asked me to hold out my arm. We were pretty good friends so I said okay and held out my arm. He suddenly flicked out this stick of wood and smashed the end of it into my arm. I didn't react for a second but then the hot, searing pain hit me. I smacked off his hand, while shouting in pain, and tried unsuccessfully to slap him around the face as he was laughing and backing away from me as he knew I might try to attack him. I ran to the sink and put my arm underwater for about ten minutes. I realised that I now had a scar. I then tried to get my revenge but any means necessary, but he showed me his scar. He had tried burning himself as well.
For some reason we were still friends afterwards, and the next year we were in even more classes together.

Well a year after the incident, I realised in a science lesson that I had a thing for fire. I started burning things all over the place. The teacher had took no notice. I had never felt this way before about fire, it was almost like the burn had changed my DNA. All my other friends thought I was being stupid and mental, only Sam thought playing with fire was fun! Which it was! They called us pyromaniacs. We thought what was wrong with that.
That was when we formed the group fire buddies.
The love of playing with fire.
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Ha that's awesome!

no, just no.

Did you know the majority of people subconsciously associate fire with sex??

Thing for fire? I have a similar story. My friend kicked me once, and after that I found that I have a thing for kicking, so I started to kick other guys, they kicked me, we kicked football together, and we became friends.

Nice story man lol, ok lol

two things:

1. Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing.
2. It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

Samuel has caused so many problems....But in a way he helped me find myself I'm glad I'm not alone in this anymore :D<3 Hugs and kisses <3


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Thank you guys for understanding <3
I means a lot <3 Love and peace

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