for no reason im quiet, there are many times when i feel the need to say so much but the words don't come out. i don't know why maybe im just shy. but im still quiet in front of people i have known for years. for these reason is that i don't have luck in dating and my boyfriend seems soo far away from me. everytime we talk (well im quiet most of the time) there is not alot of conversation. i don't want him to get tired of always trying to make talk and im afraid it is already happening he barely calls or txt me and im so desperate to not be quiet and speak out.

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Thank you all for your comments and advise, i am trying to express and open up more. i will let my boyfriend know how i am and i want to know what he thinks about it.

im quiet too...the good thing about a quiet girlfriend/wife is they don't have to worry about our nagging or horrible bickering that most couples have.=). if it makes you feel better talk to him about it, let him know you need to have his honest input about it. also,every now and then send it a sweet text...simply put, " I was thinking of you and want you to know I love you" wishes to you

I've been a quiet girl all of my life. I've had to work to become more talkative and to be able to express myself. <br />
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There is nothing wrong with being quiet. There are guys out there that will prefer more talkative girls but I PROMISE you that there are guys out there that will have no problem with your quietness.<br />
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My longest relationship was with a guy in college. I was always very quiet around his friends and his family. I had explained to him that I was quiet because of all of the rejection that I had experienced in high school. He told me that he had no problem with my quietness and that he understood. <br />
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However, I did date one guy a few years ago who did have a problem with me not being very talkative, but then again he was also the center of attention type, and truthfully I don't think we were a good fit anyways. <br />
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Anyways, my point i that there are guys out there that will have no problem with you being quiet. Just work on developing and understanding yourself, and you will find someone who loves you for who you are.<br />
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Maybe he's just the not right guy for you? I know with me, I have found that some people I can really open up to and others I can't. It just depends on the connection I have with the person. Maybe you just haven't found that person you can really open up to.