I Use To Be A Barmen

its how i feel at times

"your soft spoken lies lead me to my demise,
im in ore of your marvels your grippin need
to suffocate me,.

i know not who you are only that i need you
my death is your art often simple but never forgotton.

your deathy invitation lingers in the stale air that surrounds
me it lust consumes me i must get to you i hav to know you,

my blood feeds the hunger you urn for
its complete grace as it flows from my slit throat

hear me choke watch me squirm
as i accept your deathy invitation.

im not afraid as i wait for you
i hear the clock ticking quitely as i wait'
you subdue me and bring me to your world.,

its beauty embraces me feeding my curiosity
my humbled master my beloved death
dont ever leave me without my invitation to death.."
emovamp emovamp
18-21, M
Aug 9, 2010