That's Not Who I Am...

I am as the group suggests, a quiet observant person - and my boyfriend dislikes it. He's comletely opposite - social, active and talkative. He constantly tells me I need to "turn up my Sanguine" (those people who have read Personality Plus will know what I mean - this book is his bible!). I can be talkative and social when I want to be, when I'm comfortable, but otherwise I'm happy to sit, listen, look, interpret body language...I have fun in my own head...I don't want to force myself to be someone I'm not for the sake of my relationship.
ammaue83 ammaue83
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

He picked you because you are quiet and reserved. Get rid of him. He is using you to make fun of. You are better then that. There are alot of men dying to meet someone who is introspective. They are out there. Stop being put down by a guy who props himself up on your feelings. If you are a sociopath then I regret to inform you. You have met your mate.

My boyfriend could do with being a lot more things - compassionate, affectionate, supportive...but I'll save my whinging for another blog lol