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I'm in favor of quiet observation..look ..listen and read your surroundings. Watch the body language of people. Look at the eyes and mouth.  We can be  sensitive to others and listen to what they have to share. It's my way to be quiet.  Personally,  I do not learn as much, in noisy chaos,frantic behavior and anger.I've learned more by watching my mentors, then any school I attended.

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Now If I could learn to win the lottery. Here is a personal belief...the vibes you feel are most often correct. Plus, it's a good choice to do nothing then feeling like there has to be a SOMETHING. Patience can resolve a lot. Things aren't always as bad as we think.Thankx everyone for reading my few thoughts :>}

Hi lunnas..thanks so much! I prefer a quiet wise. Look, listen and learn.

wise you live up to your name <br />
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that is true..I do get impressions in writtings.I 'm certain we all do. I may read several stories here. The author may sound constantly hard driven..tense. They may come off confrontational.I feel they are frowning and grouchy.They won't be in my circle to bug my friends and myself. I choose "smiling" stories and authors. None of my circle has ever gone off on a person. The vibes are there. I don't mind a difference of opinion..Civility is appreciated and heard, in a comment.

Once you know someone well, you can tell their moods from their writting, but I think you can do it over time.

Can u understand others when they write too? observe differences in mood?i dont think many can do it

We can learn about our sorroundings by watching the activity. We can see who's doing what and the mood they're in. I notice the reactions of some to the reactions of others. I like facial ex<x>pressions, smiles, frowns, rolling eyes.A wedding is a good place to observe body language. Oh, wait till the drinks are served..Funny stuff there!

Ok. Here is "read between the lines" lllo Get it?<br />
___________________________________________<br />
<br />
I was never that interested in people watching. I loved being in nature. Experiencing nature. <br />
When I did watch people I never looked at their eyes. I watched there movement.<br />
I am sure my wife/lover was the first person I actually looked into the eyes...DD

I'm a watcher and observer too. Though there are times when I join in.

That probably makes you quite perceptive!<br />
You can probably 'read between the lines' easily.<br />
You have a great gift! :-)