The Curious Case Of The Lonely One.

What does a person, with a day off from work and nobody to do things with do on a Thursday afternoon? 
Go to the local Starbucks to write of course! I find it soothing to watch people move a bout their daily routines, the quiet observer in the shadows. Being out also allows me to experience external stimuli to influence my writing. It is a curious sight to see so many people, to feel small and increasingly insignificant on this tiny planet we call Earth. 

I find it amusing, that there is all these little interactions occurring, unbeknownst to everyone. It resembles a trail of ants; Although the comparisons of our significance as ants in the order of the universe is already many magnitudes overstated. It's almost like a machine, where we are all tiny cogs spinning in motion. Order in the chaos of life. 

Watching all these interactions, people laughing, people frowning, people writing. The question arises, HOW am I  different from these people, and WHAT are the consequences of this? Is there an underlying reason?

From a view at large, it is like we are all little robots searching for purpose. To make our lives meaningful. As we look at the evidence, for which there is a very large amount of, life inherently has no purpose. We are simply the result of a very unlikely series of events, which was just as likely as an infinite amount of other results. Yet, some of us choose to see this as the presence of something "greater" , the numbers don't lie. Such error results from our misinterpretation of the numbers. 

However, we all know one thing. We will all die someday. It is the inevitable. Our whole life is an anticipation of death. So I suppose the question is how we make use of our time here. How can we best make this time as enjoyable as we can? That is a question I struggle to answer. 
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1 Response May 24, 2012

I don't know the answer, however, I came up with my own. Live each moment to it's fullest extent, regardless of what you are doing in each moment. Live with passion, and cherish every moment. Live in the moment. Look back on the past only to learn from it, and to cherish good memories. Plan for the future...your dreams and aspirations...but live always in this moment because each moment is all we have.