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I think keyboards must be different, so that not all will produce the music sign. Mine won't and I am slightly jealous.

Meanwhile these are pretty symbols! -

∞∞∞ §§§ ∫∫∫ ΩΩΩ ≈≈≈

˚∆˚ (koala bear)

=o !!

I did it, and nothing happened...

Again, and nothing. I have not been given clearance yet...must not have passed that drug screen ;-P

Here's a hint- hold down the Alt key and hit a number on your keypad! Release at the same time (use 3 for a heart and 14 for the music symbol)

Shhh, top secret!


.......... !

Just following you around :-) I don't have any cool symbols though...







≈ ≈ ≈ ∫∫∫ ∞∞∞











same here :)


* *

C, I find there are many times on EP when I really have nothing to say. And I see a lot of the conversations here that seem completely alien to me.

I am in my everyday life; I walk quietly, keep my music down mostly, am aware of others, but I find it strange to be speechless in the EP. I somehow feel like I'm missing out.