Frustrated Introvert Trying To Find A Job

In my quest to find work in my new state, I have come across countless job ads requiring someone who is "outgoing", a "people person", or someone who "likes to take charge".  While I understand these traits can be an asset in certain professions, it seems they are prerequisites for almost every job description I read, regardless of the field or position. 


If everyone at work was outgoing, not much would be accomplished because  if everyone is busy talking, who's listening?  If everyone is busy socializing, how is all the rest of the work getting done?  If everyone is in charge, whoever will they lead?

What's wrong with quiet, shy, cooperative people?  We are good listeners and observers and tend to be more patient.   In addition, we're much less likely to cause friction, chaos and drama in the workplace. 

Companies should start to rethink their hiring strategies.  In the meantime, I'll keep dreaming about the day I can start working from home.

FlutterbyMuse FlutterbyMuse
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Jobs like customer service representative and sales agent, definitely. They're the most like that (talkative, outgoing) and they're not for me.

I know how you feel. I can be very talkative, and there are times when I can take charge if I have to, but for the most part I'm really pretty reserved. I suppose, to be more precise, it could be said that I am quiet until I become comfortable with my surroundings, then I'm an outgoing conversationalist and a quiet, solitary worker. I don't like chit-chatting while I'm busy unless I'm doing a mindless, menial job. I don't like being forced to work in a group, and I typically work better alone. It's not that I <i>can't</i> work well in a group-- generally, I'm actually pretty easy to get along with-- it's just that I'm a bit of a loner, and I would rather be able to concentrate on the job at hand without feeling obligated to spend time debating methods or being distracted by talk.