My Grandmother Taught Me....

She's an awesome quilter. She does everything by hand. That's how she taught me. So I have 2 wallhangings and 1 baby quilt on the go. The baby quilt is almost done now, it's a panel of Noah's Ark...Which is really funny because I am so NOT religious.

My grandmother sells her. Of course, she's way better at it then I am. Mahahaha!! I'm an amateur. I remember she made one a couple of years ago in remembrance of 9/11. It was a panel of the twin towers and had firemen and the American flag in the background. It was gorgeous!! She got over $1000.00 for it. An american bought it I think. It was so pretty, yet tragic. I was so proud of her for quilting something that is really priceless.... She donated the money to a charity for the survivors. =) I love my nan.

FOOTNOTE: The pic on the group logo is my "Noah's Ark" Quilt. =)

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

I have to laugh, at first I thought you post said, I am a quitter, and agreed that I am too. But, sorry then I read about the quilting and thought how long and detailed making one is. I admire that. I think quilts are beautiful. I could never be a quilter, I would end up quiting, haha. Anyway, I like your picture, and keep up the quilts, they really are beautiful in their own right, not to mention the skill and patience required.