Sewing In The Blood.

I never met my grandmother, but she was an amazing seamstress.  Mom and her sister have always raved to us grandkids about how talented she was...even to point of making amazing wedding and other formal dresses.  Nanu did this to bring additional money into their post-Depression era home, and loved doing it.

My mom did not take up sewing as a profession, but has always been very talented with a sewing machine and shears, so always kept it as a hobby.  I can't tell you the Halloween costumes, and dresses she made for me...not to mention how easily she could repair just about anything.  The woman even made a bag for a hangglider out of parachute material!

None of us grandkids inherited their love of sewing and creation, until I hit my 30s.  Suddenly, with some gentle prodding from a friend of mine, I wanted to try making a simple quilt.

I was absolutely hooked on the concept.

When I had to invest in my own sewing machine, I went from Mom's mechanical workhorse to an electronic unit.  It was very impressive in it's capabilities and functionality, but it still lacked....something.

One summer evening, mom and I were dropping a delivery off to our local thrift store and decided to wander around for a minute.  Mostly it's just your typical garage sale mishmash, but there's always a chance for a treasure meant just for you that particular day.  You just never know until you peek around.

There, on the low shelf of the side wall was a beautiful cherry looking cabinet which just begged to be opened.  Out of it I raised a stunning Singer 15-91 sewing machine (potted/gear-driven motor, rather than belt-driven), with a Centenniel badge from Singer's 100th anniversary...which was in 1951.

The machine just begged to be taken home and incorporated into my house and I couldn't say no.  Mom bought me a VERY early birthday present that day, and we were both thrilled to have brought the truck with us.

Apparently the 15-91 is very similar to the machine my grandmother used to sew on, and it's now my favorite piecing machine.

I still like my electronic sewing machine, but I save that for specialty stitches and edgings, and use my vintage sewing machines almost exclusively, now.

Can't wait for my next project!

MaytonElyse MaytonElyse
36-40, F
Oct 29, 2009