I Need Help

I am a 22year old female and i want i do best is quittin,everytime something goes wrong in my life i quit,i jumped from major to major in school,when i start a semester and it becomes to hard for me or i miss some classes ,i just dont go back.I graduated high school in 2005,i already went to 3 differents colleges because i never finish a semester and get suspended.And i dont know why i can't fight.I don't have job currently because i am too lazyto get up in the morning and start looking,i have room that i am renting right now ,i might have to move out because i dont want to fight.I need help,my boyfriend love me so much but he knows i am a quitter and keeps on reminding me that i should fight and prove people wrong.He tells me how much potential i have and how i don't use it,i dont want to lose him so i am scared of this bad habit.Instead of looking for solutions to my problem i have a tendancy of always starting over and then i mess up again.What should i do?what's wrong wit me?

stella20 stella20
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

you are depressed. you need to see a dr; until then pick one thing easy to start and finish.