I'm More Than A Counselor, I Actually Get Rid Of It.

At this point in time we don't have a time machine that would allow us to go back in time and prevent this atrosity from happening to you.  No matter how hard you wish, hope and pray, the unthinkable has happened to you.  This revolting act is over and is now history.  Physicaly you have survived this and that is a very good thing, though for some they feel that they wish they hadn't.   The emotional/psychological damage can be many times worse than the physical pain you experienced when this happened.

Though the event that has caused this has long since stopped, the memories of what took place do not.  You get to live and re-live this atrocity in your mind every day as the memories of what took place get replayed in your mind over and over again.

Okay so what can be done about it?  How do you turn these memories off?

Attached to these memories are negative emotions, lots of negative emotions!  Fear, guilt, anger, helplessness and the list goes on and on.  These negative emotions are affecting the choices that you make, things that you do, how you now intract with people.  How you live your life is now completely changed by these negative emotions from this atrocity.

What  I do for clients is get rid of these trapped negative emotions connected to these memories.  With out these trapped negative emotions the memories no longer have power over your life.  You get your choices back, your life back.  Without the negative emotions, the memories fade into the archives of many things long since forgotten while you move forward without these memories affecting your life anymore.

You can quickly go through this process of getting rid of these memories without having to relive that trauma.

You really don't have to live with this!

Be well,

"you can't change history, but you can change the future!"
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Are the past memories affecting your ability to change the future? Affecting present decisions? Affecting the way you make present decisions? <br />
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The only thing you really have is present time. Right now! What you do in present time affects what will happen next. If your past memories are affecting present time decisions, then it's very difficult, if not impossible for some, to create the present time moments they desire to experience at some future date. <br />
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The past is recorded for information and we need to treat it as such, but it's when we allow the past to control present time that we have real issues. The past needs to remain where it belongs, in the past, not in present time.<br />
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Instead of simply recorded information that we can access if we wish, we have all the emotions attached to this information. When we go back to that recorded information we get to re-experience some or all the emotions that were attached to that information which can and does trigger physical/psychological responses in the body. (Sights , sounds, smells, taste, touch, physical pains and distortions) all created by the body, in present time, right now, even though what ever took place may have happened even decades ago.<br />
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If it was an absolutely wonderful, phenomenal experience, you want re-experience all those attached emotions and the physical/psychological responses in the body they create in this present time moment! Advertising takes advantage of this all the time and are trying to trigger those positive responses in the moment that you watch their ad and anytime you remember their ad.<br />
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If it was an absolutely horrible experience, or even a very traumatic experience, those attached emotions create the physical/psychological responses that were experienced back then, right now, in present time. These negative emotions (and their responses) colour and affect decisions made in present time.<br />
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Remove the attached negative emotions, then the past is much easier to deal with. It is simply information. You don't need a bridge to the past. It is what it is, leave it there.<br />
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You have to remember we are ruled by emotions, a whole lot more than most people realize. :)<br />
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Trying to bring back that which has already gone and will never return, the past, is an act of complete futility. It’s gone and isn’t coming back. The choice is yours, wait for the past to come back or create the present time that you want to experience.<br />
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You are creating in each present time moment while you’re here on this planet; create what you want that moment to be! The choice is yours.<br />
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Be well,<br />
Larry<br />
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“You can’t change history, but you can change the future!”

Are you talking about EMDR?

I want changes in the future and don't want to relive the past, but the present could bridge them.