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for about two years and vegetarian-vegan for many many years.  I was amazed at the improvement and mental clarity that going raw brought me.  It is a pain in the butt when you travel and I sometimes go back to vegan eating while traveling (I am not fanatic about it) but most of the time I am 100% raw vegan.  I have a lot of recipie books (uncook books ha ha)  and can help you if you need some help.  I live in Las Vegas but Southern California is the real raw vegan place to be.


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I'm in Reno, but honestly there is no Raw Vegan "Place to Be" if you are capable of learning the cooking for yourself! I personally love never going out anymore. The worst thing about letting someone else prepare your food, is the fact that someone else prepared your food. Unfortunately many of the people who handle our food should not be trusted to do so. :(

The easiest way to go Raw Vegan is The Smoothie Method, which is super simple and enjoyable. Just keep every smoothie 1 part fruits and 3 parts veggies for optimal heath benefit and taste. Blend them with distilled water, coconut water, and organic fruit juices in small amounts. YUMMY

Only need one large smoothie a day and a few small snacks with protein, like nuts or LARABARS. They are delicious and make a killer vegan wheat bread substitute (better than real wheat or normal bread by far!) but you have to mash them into bread shapes. This can make any vegan sandwich the best you've ever had! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

Yes. Please send me some too. I would greatly appreciate it.

Send me some of those recipes pls!