i was wondering whether the indian nations have been included in obamas "hope for change" policies....i have heard him embrace all other races but not the native peoples

do you think he really cares for the environment or will he support corporate greed for a profitable economy


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Change does not have lobbyists bribing Congress. When a politician retires he gets to keep his "war chest".<br />
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Among the problems of this system: The Supreme Court cannot hold the executive (President) branch or the Congress to the law. President Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokees to walk the trail of tears... in defiance of a Supreme Court order.<br />
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Obamas Cherokee, didn't you hear? Your a supporter of who? Obama or Indians? <BR><BR>Obama said he's part Cherokee in an interview. <BR>Maybe Obama after he's retired should run for the office of Chief in one of dem fake Cherokee tribes.<BR><BR><BR><BR>;id=29978<BR><BR>