How To Hunt For Beginers

I use the only weapon that works on all demons: The Word of God.

You do NOT need to know what demon you are up against - it quite literally makes no difference. It is not about 'instincts' or 'rituals' - that's a bunch of new age BS. It is about the authority of Jesus over the demons, authority that He lets me use in His name to cast out demons. No, not just anyone can do it, only true Christians may use the authority of God. But for the few individuals like myself, it does work on every demon.

Whatever other crap people try to do to cast out demons will not work at all. Oh, it may seem to cast them out sometimes - but that is just what the enemy wants you to think. It lures people further and further down a dark road that can only end in one of two ways: the first way is to repent of such behavior and come to God, the second way is death.

I have been doing this for many years and I am an expert on the subject.

I will not work with or train people who dabble in new age, wicca, witchcraft, ancient paganism, kabbalah, theosophy, spiritism, satanism, eastern mysticism, psychic phenomena, or any form of false Christianity or occultism or anyone who uses the tools of any of what I just listed. I hope I am making myself quite clear here, because there is absolutely NO middle ground when dealing with the devil. You either do it correctly or you are helping him.

If you want to become a hunter, this is the first thing you need to learn, and the second thing is that there are no, and I truly mean NO exceptions to this rule.
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thank you i am in traianing and your post have helpd

I would say I have had encounters dealing with people who dabled in the crafts and unrully beings in that they tried to contact me through them. I recognized they were not of God and I rebuked it in Jesus name and it fled back and I think unfortunately harmed one of the individuals who summoned it as a contact to reach me in the dream state. This was the incident in which I was in a dream that started to be influenced by this spirit. In the dream I reacted to it with the authority of Jesus and broke the dream and was face to face with the black cloud. This is the entity I think harmed one of the individuals in the coven that went by the name the grey. I still pray they are ok and have left those beings alone as they are unrully and can turn on people. God's kingdom has been much better to me.

Oh, I know that is true, but Jesus Himself said that the devil was the king (lord) of this world. You should no more doubt the power of evil than you should doubt the power of good. Make no mistake, they are not equally powerful - good is far stronger than evil, but to make light of evil's power is to invite it in.

Man's reign is an illusion. The devil is the king of this world, and will be until Jesus returns in Glory.