23 Tools Of The Occult

Amulets, charms, and fetishes:
These are objects which are imbued with occultic power, usually used for protection, good luck, and so forth. Examples of these commonly used today are zodiac necklaces, various religious symbols, and so forth. Even the cross is used as a charm these days, and it should not be. It is a sign of the resurrection of Jesus. Most other charms are quite the opposite, with symbols that come from ancient paganism, demon worship, all the way up to modern Wicca. Never wear a symbol unless you know what it means. The Ankh for example, also called the Egyptian cross, is a symbol of demon worship, yet Christians wear it more and more due to its close resemblance to the Christian cross.

Astral projection:
Also referred to as astral travel or out of body experiences (OBE). It happens when the soul leaves the body and travels to other places or even other dimensions. It can happen by choice or at random. This is something that has been used throughout history, but is gaining popularity again as a part of the new age movement. It is commonly used for divination. Even modern courses on astral projection warn that it can be dangerous, and purport to teach how to avoid the danger. What they don't understand is that demons fear only the power of Jesus. By exiting the body, they make it easy for a demonic entity to move right in. Oppression and even possession often follow.

A field of energy surrounding the human body. Psychics claim this is a colored emanation of the soul, while scientists believe it is a magnetic field related to electrical activity in the body. Advances in science suggest the existence of auras but fail to prove it. For example, a method of photographing auras called Kirlian photography, seemed to work, but the studies done on it ended up being biased and possibly rigged - rendering the whole experiment 'inconclusive'. Occult practitioners believe that the aura is not heat, moisture, or electricity (as science would suggest) but rather that it is 'spirit energy' which can be read and used to diagnose problems.

Automatic writing:
Writing produced without conscious thought, usually through some form of mediumship. Channeling spirit messages in this (or any other) manner is just asking to be possessed - literally. A demonic spirit enters the person, and takes control of their actions for long enough to write out some form of message. Often this demonic spirit is a spirit guide - a demon pretending to be a wayward human or animal spirit.

Chakras and yoga:
These come from the Hindu belief of multiple energy points that exist in the human body, and create balance. Yoga, a Hindu form of worship (not a harmless exercise) is a form of meditation that centers on the chakras. Each chakra is named and there are chakra associations with every aspect of life. Each chakra is also associated with a Hindu deity. Some circles believe there are five points, while others say there are seven. Yoga positions are made to improve energy flow between the chakras and to form a union with the 'supreme spirit'. Yoga cannot be separated from Hinduism according to professors of yoga and meditation at certain universities, so if people think that it's just exercise then they do not understand it at all. The idea of it being harmless is very pervasive, and it is even practiced at some churches. The philosophy and the practice of yoga are the primary tools of Hindu 'missionaries' since 1983. It also shares the new age (false) belief that all religions are compatible with each other. Practicing yoga empties the mind, making the body available for possession. The bottom line is that yoga is demon worship.

The practice of intentionally opening up to spirits and letting them communicate through you. This is not only divination, but it intentionally invites demons to possess the channeler or medium. It opens a door to the demonic realm which is difficult to close. Whatever mediums claim or believe, the only thing they can channel is a demonic spirit. The practice of channeling is specifically condemned (separately from other forms of divination) in the Bible. These demons are also known as 'familiar spirits' or 'familiars'.

Specific types of rocks that supposedly contain energies, which in turn react to the chakra points and result in a change, such as healing. They are often referred to as 'healing crystals'. The claim made on occult websites is that someone using it 'programs' the crystal with their own energy, which is possible due to the particular structure of the crystal. Occultists, particularly new age types have tried to associate crystals with the white stone given by Jesus to overcomers in the Revelations, but this has proven historically to be false.

Crystal ball:
A glass ball, used to receive occult revelations. It is a way used by psychics, and in ancient times by alchemists, to seek the hidden knowledge of the demonic dimensions. The things people see are real - visions in the world of the occult are real. That is not to say that they are true, but that the person seeing them is not delusional just because he saw them. The devil is known as the king of lies, after all.

Dowsing and divining rods:
The use of a rod, known as a dowsing or divining rod, in order to discover anything from water to gold to spirits. This practice is associated with pendulums - both are a way to divine for hidden knowledge or objects. It is a practice as ancient as sin, but there are many modern practitioners. They often claim that dowsing is a 'gift' passed down through generations. It is spirits who move the dowsing rod, and it is a form of witchcraft.

A type of spiritual force, also called chi, ki, or prana, which some people claim can be tapped into in order to alter life for the better. There are dozens of terms for this energy other than the three I have listed. It generally refers to the life force of humans, or sometimes of spirits. It is a power source that is in essence worshipped by the occult. But the reality is that this spiritual energy comes not from humans, and not from God, but from the devil. Infatuation with this energy in dozens of occult practices such as reiki and yoga is one of many ways the devil is using to attack and destroy mankind on a spiritual level.

Electronic voice phenomena - voices or sounds recorded on audio tape that was not audible to the people making the recording. These are very commonly used to diagnose hauntings and even possession. Digital recorders have made evp phenomena even more common in recent years. Using this technology for divination is forbidden in the Bible, and should be avoided unless being used by a professional to diagnose a demonic possession.

A chart created by an astrologer for someone, usually predictive in nature. This is another form of divination. It is based on the positions of certain constellations, planets, and other stellar phenomena at the time of birth. It is a prediction of the future, although most people these days use it for advice. It is the most common occult tool in the US. The primary fallacy in astrology and horoscopes is fatalism - the idea that we do not have free will. This is denied by some astrologers, but when researched it proves to be true. It takes the mind off the creator and on the creation, which also makes it a form of idolatry and a tool of demons.

An ancient Chinese text, also called the book of changes. It contains a system of symbols, and instructions for using them to cause life changes. It is a tool used in ancient Chinese divination, and dates back to almost 5000 years ago, although Confucius contributed to it much later. The symbols and patterns are used for advice under specific situations, much like astrology. To break it down, it is like using a combination of a 'magic 8-ball' and coin tossing to try to predict the future. It was an influencing factor in the formation of the religion Taoism, which teaches an impersonal universal force - often borrowed upon by new age practices.

A supernatural power controlled by a person through spells or occult tools, usually attributed to 'the universe', even though it comes from Satan. The origin of the term and the idea of magic is foggy at best, but with modern occultic and new age practitioners, it is psychic power that can be manipulated to influence people, events, and objects.

A form of divination using numerical associations to form predictions similar to horoscopes. Each letter is also given a numerical association, so predictions are made based on someone's name, birthdate, and other minutia. Readings done in this fashion are supposed to reveal information such as personal destiny or fate, which of course makes this practice / belief fatalistic - opposing the fact of free will. Pythagoras believed that everything in the universe had a unique numerical attribute. Modern practitioners use number charts similar to horoscopes.

Divination that uses reading the lines on the palm of the subjects hand, also called chiromancy, and is associated with reading tea leaves as well. This occult tool is commonly known due to many TV shows that feature stereotypical gypsy fortune tellers and such. A true palm reader is a medium, channeling a demonic spirit (familiar spirit), which tells the medium information about the subject being read. It is often combined with other occultic divination tools, like astrology, tea leaves, and more.

A pendulum is usually a crystal suspended on a string, used to discover secret knowledge. It is a form of divination often seen on TV, on anything from Charmed to Psychic detectives. In these shows, they hold a pendulum over a map to attempt to locate a person or object. Another use of pendulums is to check the status or health of the chakra points - this one is very common withy new age practitioners today.

Also known as scrying, retrocognition, or postcognition. It is the ability (usually by a medium) to handle an object and learn about its past. This is commonly used by certain mediums, and the real source of the information is the familiar spirit. It is seen by millions of people every day on shows like Psychic Detectives.

Ouija boards:
A flat board with an alphabet as well as a few words on it, used to communicate with spirits. Also called a spirit board. It was popularized in the mid 1800s and even commercialized by the 1980s. One can now buy a Ouija board at any toy store. The fact that it is marketed as a child's game makes this possibly the most dangerous of all occultic tools. It is commonly used by new age practitioners, witches, and anyone who wants to conduct an impromptu séance. This device is a portal to the demonic realm and has resulted in more cases of demonic oppression and possession than any other single thing in my experience.

Letters from the Viking alphabet which are cast like dice and then interpreted as a sort of divination. Each rune has a meaning used for divination. The letters are not mystical in and of themselves, but like many things they are often used for that purpose.

A group meeting, led by a medium, held to contact the dead. It is a historically ancient practice, but the last century showed a large revival in the practice. It is where the theology / cult of spiritism began - a cult that follows a doctrine of demons that is quite contrary to the Bible. Usually other occult tools are used in conjunction with séances, such as crystal balls, Ouija boards, tarot cards, and others. This practice is universally condemned throughout the Bible.

Spirit guides:
A demonic spirit that exists multidimensionally, which appears to humans (also usually claiming to be human souls or even angels) and is often a precursor to demonic oppression and / or possession. Occultists sometimes claim these guides are anything from animal spirits to angels. They are often contacted through eastern forms of meditation, which actually invite demons in. Crystals are often used in this practice as well. There is no such thing as a helpful or benign spirit guide - there are only demonic spirits, waiting to take advantage of people. Even attempting to contact one of these beings is incredibly dangerous, and can often lead directly to demonic oppression and / or possession.

A form of divination commonly used by psychics, which consists of a 78 card deck, with various illustrations. These cards are used by many occultists, from new agers to witches and mediums. They are generally used to predict the future and to understand the divine purpose in their lives. The card faces and meanings have changed hundreds of times since tarot was developed. It is an attempt to penetrate beyond this dimension. Invariably any information obtained in this way will be tainted by demonic influences.

No demon hunter should ever use anything in this list for any reason, no exceptions.
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