The Little Blue Eyed Girl In White

Has any one ever heard of or seen a demon that takes the form of a little girl blonde haired blue eyed girl in a white nightgown that kind of looks like a posaline doll black shoes and all. she is maybe 10 years old looking very pale white skin light blue eye's and she is surounded by a blue smoke i saw her floating in my dining room stairing out the window at the moon light. Her head turned very fast it was to fast she looked right at me when i made eye contact with her I felt the worst pain in my life it was like a lifetime of pain, sarrow and agony all bunched up into a few minutes it seemed like she was sucking out my life force i felt like i was about to die i was helpless and then all of a suden my arm took on a mind of its own and flicked on the light switch next to me and she was gone the pain stoped not sure if it was a demon or a vengfull spirit but i have seen alot of spirits and this girl seem different i felt like she was warning me but from what i dont know have any of you experience anything like this
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she might be warning you about the so called love and lighters....

they have the same effect on people who are stupid enough to feed them.....

I remember this post from the other group and honestly if you take a deep look into demon types and breeds you'd probably find she shares a lot of things with many kinds of demon my guess is she probably doesn't have a exact type of which she belongs too as in she has no type put into simple terms all I know for sure is that she's the strongest among them.

yes i actually have. if you want my professional opinion of it, it is in the family of wraith, most likely a night wraith, in other words a primarily energy creature that feeds on human emotion, fear, anguish, ect. this is how they feed and get stronger. there was a similar case around the Akron ohio area a bout a year or so ago that i investigated and dispatched. i have heard that they can convey messages and what not. but i do not know if there is truth to this. my beastiuary does mention that they will often warn about a piticular person or group of persons that may have effected it during its creation. if you want more information of my assistance in the matter just contact me

thank you ill keep that in mind i have not researched wraiths i always thought it was a spirit but their is no way she was somthing else and when i saw her staring out the window at the moon its like she didn't even notice me and then she attacked and it was so fast also i was completly paralized couldn't move anything all i once i made eye contact she had me those eye's. thats why i say that my arm moved on its own because i didn't do it some times i still she her eye's in my head it was the singal most disturbing attack that has ever happened to me and it still effects me to this day

Seems like she likes looking at the moon I guess that explains a little bit about me when I look at the moon I go into some kinda trance hard to explain my guess is it's similar to what happens when she stares at the moon.

...demons are created out of pain.............and darkness.... so much for the "love and lighter demon caln" hahaha

Do NOT MAKE CONTACT!!!!! Her name is Lilith and she is widely known in Jewish folklore. She is dangerous and the only demon that doesn't have the tinted eye colour affect during possession!

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