A Real Demon Hunter

i found this web site looking for jobs actually. its hard to find work now days and so i was scouring the internet. when craigslist failed me i ran into this sight and browsed through it for several hours hoping to find a good paying job. i didn't find one naturally. tho i did read a lot of interesting stories. stories about my profession from people who come from a different back ground than i. i thought that perhaps i could learn something, or at least see things in a better light.

i am actually a demon hunter. now i know that by definition anyone that hunts a demon is a demon hunter. and demons have many definitions, so let me first define what that means to me and my school. we are actually more of a witcher, or a hexer. perhaps a sort of witch doctor or shaman. some call us warlocks. there really isnt a term for it. we fight anything that can through off the balance of the natural world. this could be an invasive python in Florida, or a necrophage that is eating people in a small remote village. we can preform excersisums, saionces, ect. we can also remove dark spirits from people and places, break spells and enchantments ect and of course, destroy demons and kill any sort of monster that does not kill us first.

as i said before i was formally trained for this. others in this community may also have been trained, but let me explain the difference. how i was trained was traditional, painful and brutal. it started when i was 4 years old. i was forced to work out daily. i was beaten for weakness, if i cried, i was beaten for crying. if i stopped, i was beating for giving in. as i grew, i was taught how to fight. it started with hand to hand and knives. i was forced to do knuckle push ups on gravel or pavement for any mistakes in form. 25 per mistake. at the age of 5 i was forced to strike boards with my hands and feet bare until they broke, ether the board or my limbs. every injury was carefully healed. as i grew, the training was harder. running many miles, regular beatings, being forced to hunt for food. trained as a spartan my father always said.

he would often tell me that pain was weakness leaving the body. I hated him. until i grew up. i then realized he was right.

i was forced to learn to survive. tossed into the wilderness to survive many a time. i was taught how to fight with a blade. that was my favorite. i was taught to be so effective with my sword that i can parry crossbow bolts with it. (i will show any that doubt) the schools sorceress changed my body. changed my nerves and muscles with elixirs and spells as well as conditioning. making me many times stronger and faster than normal people. granting me the ability to heal many times faster than normal people as well. also it allowed me to see in the dark and to sense danger.

i was trained to fight other students, with real, but blunted weapons, full contact. i learned how to fight against horrible odds and most importantly, i learned how to win.

i was taught magick, magick unlike most of you are familiar. a quick gesture is all that is needed for most. i was taught to parry the most powerful of spells and shield myself from massive amounts of physical damage. i was taught quick spells to double my strength, increase my speed, even to track my prey.

i was taught how to break spells and curses. i became immune to possession and many other things including most poison. i was taught how to capture most spirits in talisman prisons to be brought back to the school for study.

i was forced to memorize all the pressure points, and vital areas to strike on every archetype of monster. i was taught to react. and my reflexes were honed to thousands of a second with pin point accuracy.

i was taught the use of special plants and magick to heal even the most grievous of wounds

i was taught that all life was sacred and deserved to exist. i was taught that all views and believes are to be respected even if not agreed with. i was taught to protect all life if possible and to cherish innocence. most of all, they taught me that love and compassion were the most valuable things in all the world. tho they showed me none. it was necessary i later understood. they had to make me into a monster, so i could fight them. and that they did so with great skill.

when i completed my training some 12 years later, i was put through a final test. the sorceress summoned a demon for me to fight. it almost finished me, but i slew it. all alone, in the wilderness. they left me in the winter, in the cold, with nothing but moccasins, a pair of pants, a hand full of potions and a silver plated, enchanted blade. not even a shirt. left me for the beast to hunt me. but i overcame it.

when i completed my task and returned with the creatures fangs i was officially a hunter. a real knight. i was then branded. the mark of the hunter burned into my chest with a red hot iron. the mark, a complicated set of runes and circles of protection carved into my flesh that allows me to detect magick, spirits, demons, poison, danger and many other things.

this is why i am a real Hunter. I am among the last of my kind. this is why i am qualified and knowledgeable in this field. i was bread to be.

this is why i am interested in this site. i am now the master of my school. i do things differently than my master did. i can achieve better hunters, with less brutal methods. i have done this, by learning from everyone i run into. i hope that i may learn things from everyone here. and that my professional advise may be at least some what useful to you.
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Hello you who name yourself hunter, might I ask how you would know how a demon looked like considering if your claim is true and you was being abused as a child all the time for the sake of "hunting" another intelligent species by beating at demons that have been trapped for centuries in your "clans" bottles....
Hurting a sentinel being is more monstrous than a demon would be willing to be.

I saw 3.
Facial extortion more extreme than "The Advocate." One of them told me, after he returned, that I am a Demon hunter. What does this mean?

Hey I'm not here to bash on ur story or to call you a lier or anything I'm someone who is wanting to become a hunter and is working hard at it and I'd love it if you could give me some advice or tips on what I could do to make myself better in the long run as a hunter so if you help I'd appreciate it a lot thanks!!:)

So are you saying that unless you go to that school then your not a real hunter I say bull **** if that's the case I wasn't trained in my physical life how to hunt demons actually I don't remember much of my training besides that it happen before I ever entered the physical world. Although I was trained to kill demons I was trained to kill anything really. Gods demons even angels. But I guess that's a story for another time since this isn't my story post.

Who you calling a role player I could say the same thing to you buddy. Seriously that's insulting do yourself a favor and get to know someone before calling them a role player because that's messed up if you just decide that when it's not even true I'd bet your just a wanna be because most of the time when someone accuses another as something and is the first person in the conversation to do so quite often is one themselves I've had enough experience in that subject to know that it applies 9 out of ten times and so far I have yet to be wrong unless you can prove other wise.