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I've been a real estate agent now for a couple months & I'm loving it!  What we initially thought would take up to 6 months to build up is already materialising so business is great!  My hubby & I work as a team which is wonderful as we both bring differing skills to the equation which makes a great sales & marketing force!

What I love the most though is the stories behind each sale.  I'm fascinated by the reasons each person has for selling a home, moving areas, etc...  The stories behind each property - the events that occur amid those walls are so interesting.  The joy, sorrow, fun, all of lifes events are what make a house a home.

My favourite part of the job is achieving a great net result for my sellers & making it a positive experience for them.  I also love marrying up buyers with their dream home & watching them get excited as they make plans.

I'd love to hear your experiences with real estate, whether you sold, bought or rented - both positive & negative.  What do you think could be improved upon?  The only way to give people what they want is to ask the community at large so that's what I'm doing.

Hey & if you or someone you know is looking to buy/sell/rent in the gold coast hinterland area, contact me I'd love to be of assistance!



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hi there renae<br />
i would like some advice, we are thinking of moving to the states from london uk, but i have no idea which state to head to, i am looking for a state with reasonable house prices and that is safe for raising up my kids,<br />
thanks alot<br />

Hey there :)<br />
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Sorry for taking so long to respond to your comment - it's only just slowing down now that christmas is upon us...<br />
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Thanx for the encouragement :) ~ I do love what I do... It's really sad to see there are so many people out there in careers they don't like... I've always been a big believer in only doing what I enjoy - life's too short to waste time in a job that I'm going to spend so much of my time doing if I don't love it! <br />
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I am very lucky though that I work with my hubby cos as a mum of 3 I need to be able to work very flexible hours so as a team we can keep the continuity there and I don't feel like I'm letting anyone down (family or client) because he is always available if I'm not. :)<br />
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Hope you have a great christmas & happy new year!

Great story! It's always inspiring to read about people loving what they do, and reaping the rewards from it. :D I've certainly met a very large number of real estate agents when I had an interest in investment property, and they're certainly a mixed population of characters. You sound like the very best sort - someone who really loves their vocation, and understands the meaning of the property to the people involved with it, as well as being genuinely interested in both the property itself and the people. I've certainly met my share of predatory types, disinterested types, just-a-job types and plain ol' obnoxious agents. But there are a few people who are real gems. I'd say keep on doing what you're doing, and more of the same!! Alas, I'm not in the market for anything on the Gold Coast, or I'd seek you out :)