I Thought About Becoming A Real Estate Agent

I thought about becoming a Real Estate Agent, however I found that I enjoyed showing Realtors how to retain their clients & attract more. One program allows Realtors to offer their clients an opportunity to receive a check when they refinance their home loan and refer others to do the same. The program is not applicable if the Realtor is involved in the purchase process of the new home for that would fall under Respa.  However, since Respa, is not applicable to this particular refinancing program, the Realtor is able to refer the client to the program, and both the client & the Realtor receive a check once their client/homeowner's refinanced loan is processed. It's an amazing program & Realtors can refer others to the program & receive payment for their referral. No mortgage brokers are part of this program. All loans are processed through a Mortgage Banker. I love it!

urworthit urworthit
Feb 22, 2010