Not On A Windy Day!

I always wore skirts from when I was a little girl. I liked them, even though they were a requirement for school and work. I don't like the pencil skirts, especially the short ones--too uncomfortable when trying to sit on a stool. My favorite type is the full-circle or pleated skirt that I can tuck down so I can sit comfortably without everyone peeking at my underwear.
When the school dress code was relaxed in the Ninth Grade, I still preferred to wear a skirt to class rather than slacks or jeans. I just felt more dressed up. I went to high school in the Seventies, and of course pantihose were the order of the day. No girl in her right mind wore a garter belt--that was for moms like mine, who wore a girdle and stockings every day. Looking at that contraption, I often wondered how she could stand being so confined.
When I got married I bought some naughty things for my honeymoon, including two garter belts, a white one and a black one. Since I had never worn garter stockings before, I asked my Mom, the garter expert, how to wear the belt. She showed me how to put it on, adjust the garter straps and where to put them--not over your butt, or they would stretch and snap--but along the sides of your hips. Then she explained how to hook up the stockings--raise your knee for the front garters, and bend over from the waist to button up the rear ones.
Then it hit me! This was not uncomfortable at all. I was so tired of wrestling with my pantihose, constantly pulling them up and smoothing them down, and, after walking around or a while, end up with the crotch around my knees. Garters held my stockings smooth and straight, and gave me such a secure feeling. Still and all, I wouldn't try the girdle.
One day I decided to wear the garter belt to work with a pleated skirt and circle slip. The skirt was just above my knees, so even if I sat down my stocking-tops would not show.
At lunch time I walked down Main Street to get a bite to eat. It was a beautiful Spring day--the sun was shining and all was right with the weather.
I don't know where the wind came from. The weather people had not predicted any gales. But suddenly there it was--a strong gusty wind that went right for my hemline.
Up went the accordion pleats. Since I wore a circle slip, rather than an A-line that would have stayed down, the little petti went right up too! There for all of Main Street to see at lunch hour was my white garter belt straining at my nylon stockings. Not to mention getting a good eyeful of my lace-edged panties! Oh God!
I shoved my skirt down in front, but as I did so the wind caught the back of it and blew it high above my pantied rear. Luckily I had been walking with another lady, who instinctively grabbed hold of my flapping skirt in back while I held it down in front. In this manner we minced carefully down the sidewalk to the safety of the fast-food place and out of the wind. I could hear the entire lunch hour crowd laughing at my predicament. My face must have been as red as my hair, and luckily that had been tied into a ponytail so at least it wouldn't be going anywhere.
Back at work I took the elevator to my floor, and saw a male co-worker standing there grinning at me.
"Some wind, huh?" he quipped.
"So you saw me, huh?" I replied.
"Don't worry," he laughed. "It's nothing no one hasn't seen before."
I wonder if that included the garter belt?
Never again, I vowed. No more garters and stockings to work. From now on, I will wear them privately for my husband, and not for the entire city to feast their eyes on.
Skirts are great, and I love wearing them. But I always listen to the forecast to see which way the wind is blowing. Today, for instance, they predicted 30 to 40 mile-per-hour winds. Guess what I'm wearing today?
My mom jeans.
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I wish I'd seen that display.

I was amazed to see the number of people gathered on Church Street at lunch time. I really wish I had not worn garters that day.

I sewed leaded weights in the hems of most of my dresses and now they dont blow up in the wind.

Dress weights have been around for centuries. Archaeological digs from the 18th and 19th centuries have turned up countless dress weights, which looked like lead buttons. Apparently when women shuffled around in their long skirts they would always lose a dress weight or two, especially when they walked around their property.

It great when wearing petticoats under dresses, when its windy outside.

Wow! If only there were more women like you! I would've loved to have been your school buddy as I always found the skirt-wearing girls in my crowd intriguing. As for the playful breeze, I guess that just goes with the territory. I would've thought that might be what can sometimes make skirts fun and daring! :) But what really bugged me was that people laughed openly at you instead of being more polite, discreet or even averting their eyes. How pathetic of them to add to your embarrassment like that. Were I there myself, I'd have to confess to enjoying the scene but (maybe with a smile) would do something to help, were I within arm's reach... it's for just such moments that there are gentlemen - not adult boys...

Love that you love skirts, but..... If you like wearing a skirt, you've obviously got a pair of legs that would turn heads and again, I love that. But for me there is no greater turn on than watching a woman's skirt catch the breeze and fly around her waistline while she gasps in shock and battles to keep her skirt down. I think you should wear skirts regardless of the weather!! Actually, scratch that, I think you should wear skirts on especially windy days!

Just my humble opinion, gorgeous pam!

Well I don't know if my legs are so gorgeous. I know they are pretty muscular from all the running I did when I was in school. But I do wear skirts all year round. In winter I wear wool skirts with dark stockings to ward off the cold. Back when I was in grade school I had to wear my skirts with bare legs except for knee socks, and up here where I live it can get mighty cold in winter! So I guess all that exposure toughened me.

That type of lingerie, full cut laced trimmed panties, stockings, lacy slip and garter belt were too pretty to hide under your dress. A little embarrassing for you but a big thrill for any guy who was lucky enough to witness that event. Too bad that type of undies is going out of style. That's feminine attire!

I know. The girls don't even wear slips now.

Lol.....just my luck

I just don't ever seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Everybody else seemed to be there!

Wellsburg Ny here. I love to see a woman dressed like that.

Well you might have, if you had been strolling down Church Street in Elmira at noon that day!

I'd love to see you in a gater belt and nylons.I think they are so sexy.

Great story and lesson learned. Even though I'm a man I had a similar experience. Actually three of us did. I'll share my story here for you. Never told it before. Here goes!

I went to High School-Class of '73! If you were in the band, you wore Kilts. During a Fall football game, me and two friends went and sat on the top rail of the stadium to watch some of the game. Below us was the seats which slopped up toward us. The outside was an earthen slope from the parking lot and right up to us. We weren't doing the half-time show so didn't wear the Cod piece. Basically, we were wearing pleated skirts with only jock straps underneath.

It was windy, but not that bad. When our team scored, we stood straight up on the railing and the wind decided to cheer, too! The wind came up the slope seats (strong enough to blow people's hats off).. At the same time it came up off the parking lot as well.

I was still cheering when my kilt hit my face. I couldn't get the kilt down, nor could my two friends without risking a fall over the rail. When the wind quit. We got a standing ovation from the band and the cheerleaders who were facing us when the wind hit. Embarrassed and red faced, we were kidded for the rest of the game. After that, my friends and I wore cut-offs underneath. One friend was a bit more embarrased as he turned in the wind and everyone saw the backside. Remember, jock straps don't have back sides!

Nice story, and I can relate! When I was in our local pipe band we wore the Royal Stuart tartan, and of course everyone wore underwear. As a girl I knew the wisdom of wearing panties under a flyaway skirt, and the guys wore colored briefs. Good thing too, because some of the jokester women in the crowd would reach out and pull up the guys' kilts. Somehow they thought it funny if they did it to guys, but if they did it to me it would be vulgar and rude. How's that for a double-edge sword?
Thanks for sharing!

Interesting observation about the double standard. I'd be intrigued to learn if you girls are/were as fascinated by guys in kilts as we can be by girls in skirts or dresses.

That is some foul luck! Must have been hugely embarrassing. But you certainly made the cheerleaders' day! lol
If I were in your place I wouldn't have gone with the cut-offs underneath, just good ol' briefs; a playful breeze or a girl-prankster would've made wearing a kilt more fun & daring... along with improving my chances of a date! lol :)

This whole thread, winding blowing skirts up, panty hose down to your knees, garter belts, makes me feel young again. My DIL has a drawer full of thongs, and 1 pair of panty hose for special occasions. Oh how times have changed

I have to agree. My husband, who is 12 years older than I am, tells me the joy of going to high school when every girl wore either a girdle or garter belt to hold her stockings up, and when a skirt blew up in the wind or even when a girl climbed a stairway, at least there was some interesting underwear to peek at. As for me, after seeing my mom in her girdle and hose I don't think you could pay me to wear one!

Yeah they call them "shapers" these days

Sorry, I replied to Rachel's box by error. Well, the idea is there anyway.

I was wondering what type of panties you were wearing. I'm a real fan of full cut nylon panties.
Granny panties, as they are known as. Nothing hugs the female fanny like a snug fitting pair of nylon briefs. They're perfect for spanking also.

If I remember correctly I was wearing white nylon tricot panties with lace around the edges. I say this because that's what I generally wore, in different pastels that I tried to match to my petticoat. Since I wore a white circle slip that day, and a white garter belt, chances are good that my panties were white. I wore briefs because, although thongs were coming into fashion I didn't like them. As for my spankings, my panties were always pulled down so it didn't matter what style I was wearing.

We're about the same age and growing up with 3 sisters I remember when ladies wore certain undergarments. A lady never went out wearing a dress without proper attire.Panties, alot of times a pantygirdle, slips, garter belt and stockings or pantyhose.Most girls at my school still wore white nylon panties. I still find them very sexy. I miss those days.

I'm 54 and really didn't wear a panty girdle, but my mom did. By the time I got to high school no girl in her right mind wore a garter belt, but we all wore pantyhose, and of course a slip. When I wore miniskirts in the upper grades I wore a mini-slip, which made no sense but old habits died hard. We would never venture outside without a slip on, especially on a sunshiny day! Naturally in 1976 we didn't wear thongs either--those were only through Frederick's Catalogues.

if skirts get any shorter will not need wind to see what is underneath. just hope that there is something

I have a rule that I always stick by: I never leave home without my panties. You never know what fate has in store.

I think it should be compulsory fot women to wear skirts on windy days xxxx Tina

Oh you rascal!

Nice story. Thanks. That's a reason why I like the wind.

If the skirts get any shorter
And the wind ceases to behave
There will be two more cheeks to powder
And another place to shave

You're funny!

Cute, Kendra.

Thank you for that story and the picture you put in my mind.

Sure--who doesn't like good cheesecake?