I usually wore jeans or slacks growing up. I did have skirts and dress for special occasions or when i just felt like dressing that way. Then when I was a freshman in college my lover was very dominant and wanted me in only skirts or dresses except for special occasions such as gym classes. That is what I wore. Stockings w/ garter belts or thi highs were fine but no pantihose. That is what i still wear. Though these days i often wear longer, flowing skirts as I am often on the floor playing with kids for work.
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Do you have great legs?

you must be a good mom playing with y0ur kids

I cant imagine what else you had on

Must be very sexy

no matter what you wear you are totally hott

love to see some pics you rock

you would be sexy in just about anything

I feel women are very sexy when dressed properly. Honestly, all of the provocative clothing that is being designed is not appealing to me. I feel dressing with more class is more attractive for me. My wife dresses very conservatively but sexy

this is how a women should be dressed

I would love to see you in a dress ,stockings with a garter belt, that would be so nice.mmmm.

i would love for you to wear dresses and skirts with me also but with no panties so i would have easier access to please you.

I went though that phase. I too was a jeans and t-shirt girl growing up. College yrs were a combination of jeans and sexy little skirts and dresses and that lead to a 10 yrs period where I like you, always wore sexy dresses & skits/tops and of course stocking and heels. I still like to get all dolled up like that sometimes for a special night on the town but since I've quit working I hardly wear anything around the house and the bare minimum when shopping, etc.

my hubby and I share our home with another couple, our best friends and lovers. I'm the only one that doesn't work, I'm the house wife, hehe
It being summer I'm usually out in or around the pool and always naked out there. I do slip into a sundress but usually shorts, a tank top and flops when I'm running errands.

we are all lucky to have each other! They work and bring in the money and I take care of the house and cooking. I love it!

I agree with your freshman lover - no pantyhose unless it is bitterly cold and then only outdoors!

Lovely, lovely. I totally agree. Men should wear pants, women skirts. Question: have you ever had one of those "oops" moments in a skirt? You know, the old "accidental exposure" moment? Alot of women have, I love those stories, and many actually have a hilarious note to them, lol.

I think your outlook is wonderfully refreshing. It would seem that it has stemmed from your dominant lover in college wanting you to wear only skirts or dresses with the exception of those special occasions you alluded to. Stockings with garter belts or thigh highs are both gorgeously feminine and sensual. Delighted to see that you still wear them today. I must say I also love the fact that these days you often wear longer flowing skirts which in my opinion exude femininity so beautifully. Maxi dresses during the warmer months to are another fabulous way for a lady to enjoy feeling beautifully feminine. Thank you for sharing your story Ann.

I hope you do not wear panties either!!!!!!!

That's amazing

Dresses and skirts do make a woman look more feminine but why (referencing your other experience ) would you feel submissive around other women and girls ? I could understand being that way around other men, but why other females ?

Is it because other women are 'more progressive ' and might be more confident or aggressive ? Does that include family members as well ?

So sexxy!!! I would marry you or a women just like you!!!

And what a great sight that must be!

I really understand your lover that you had when you were a freshman in college, I think the same way. How's your mood tonite? :-)

A fine dress code for a lady indeed :)

Great that you have continued that since college.

I love stockings and garter belts!! wish more women wore them

Nice of you to dress so feminine. I think women often miss the impact of their attractiveness and femininity. Thank you for making the world a prettier place.

I like your dress sense

My ex was just like yours, no pantyhose here
Love chat with you more

I think you are sexy either way

Skirts and dresses look sexy on a girl. The soft patterned frocks make them look far younger too. And of course it is much easier with a skirt....LOL

No pantyhose? How about panties? Are you allowed to wear them?

Those days that you are on can be tricky right?

A bit of a shame you never got into pantyhose/tights; they rock!

Yes I've found longer fuller cut skirts are a lot easier for playing with the kids and relaxing generally.